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Versatile Use Of Brochures

Marketers use brochures to highlight their company’s products and services.  Organizations and business alike use the power of this foldable sheet brochure to convey information to their targeted audience.  With a perfect blend of text and images, companies use brochures to relay a bulk of information about the value of their services and goods.  Given […]

Great Print Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday celebrated across the U.S. giving people a chance to showcase their creativity and freedom of expression with elaborate costumes.  A lot of our more festive customers use this holiday to flex their creative skills by printing products with us to help bolster their Halloween parties and festivities.  Here are some […]

Business Cards That Get Attention

A business card that commands attention is a mixture of various elements like the perfect image, a great logo, and easily readable fonts that are also well sized enough to allow for all the information you want to present on the surface of a small business card.   But if you have all these elements and […]

Essential Print Materials For E-commerce

Print Materials For E-commerce Online shopping offers customers convenience.  Many businesses do more transactions online than they do within their brick-and-mortar locations.   The savvy entrepreneur knows the importance of adapting to change as new trends develop.  That is why most business owners focus a lot of their efforts on their online shop and branding. Opening […]

Guru Printer’s Calendar Printing Tips

Guru Printer’s Calendar Printing Tips We receive many inquiries about calendar printing near the end of the year.  Many businesses print calendars for the holiday season as a great end of the year marketing tool to ring in the year that is arriving.  Some reasons why calendars are popular: Physical calendars outside of smart phones […]

Guru Printer’s Vinyl Banner Design Tips

Large format prints like vinyl banners or a 8 ft banner are some of our most popular products . Whether you want to use a vinyl banner for a promotional event, trade show, or outdoor/indoor signage, we’ve got you covered. The durability of vinyl banners or indoor vinyl is a large reason behind their popularity […]

Find a Great Bumper Sticker Maker to Improve Your Business’ Success

Find a Great Bumper Sticker Maker to Improve Your Business’ Success If you are the owner of a business, you likely have spent a sizable amount of money on advertising and marketing to attract customers to your organization. Whether through the Internet, advertising, or some other means, finding the right hook to get customers to […]

The right banner for your business

The right banner printing service for your business Banners are one of the best options for an eye-catching way to promote your business.  The right banner will garner attention from afar enticing foot traffic while showcasing your brand identity. At Guru Printers we pride on ourselves on being your go to banner printers.  Here are […]

Guru Printers Guide To Vinyl Signs

Guru Printers Guide To Vinyl Signs Vinyl banner signs, adhesive vinyl signs, window or decal posters, and billboards are great large format advertising and marketing materials. The versatility of the vinyl material is noteworthy as It can function as a banner, poster, or as mobile advertising on a vehicle wrap. The smooth surface of the […]

At Guru Printers we like to be clear on turnaround times

At Guru Printers we like to be clear on turnaround times, especially for our customers who are on a tight deadline. Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask about printing turnaround times: Explanation of Printing Turnaround Printing turnaround is the estimated amount of time it will take to complete a print […]


TIPS ON INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY What the surveys reveal Small business owners spend most of their time on project management and administrative tasks.  Unfortunately, other tasks that are crucial to growing a business, like product development, marketing, or design are left by the wayside. Most small businesses are not implementing external resources to save time on […]

Make a custom mug!

Print your custom mugs with Guru Printers If you want to create a memorable item to sell, giveaway as a promotion or gift someone, then a custom mug is one of the greatest cost-effective options.  Guru Printers can also help you create a variety of personalized images and messages that are uniquely designed for the […]

Professional Sticker Printing 

Professional Sticker Printing done locally. Contact us! Guru Printers Quality Los Angeles Print Company  Cost-effective per unit Print 500 professional stickers for just under $50 from That’s a cost of $0.10 per sticker. In comparison if you were to print the stickers yourself here is the cost and hassle you’d have to take on:   your […]

Tips for Printing Photos on Canvas

Tips for Printing Photos on Canvas Here are Guru Printers tips for printing photos to canvas: When printing old photos We recommend that all old photos be retouched on a photo editing program to ensure a great print onto canvas. Retouching old photos can help to restore damaged photos, correct overexposure or underexposure, and illuminate […]

Word-of-mouth marketing and branding

Word-of-mouth marketing and branding Brand designs that are memorable, evocative and eye-catching are what can make your brand stand out among the others. From tote bags to stickers, your marketing items should convey the identity of your brand while giving your clients the feel that your business and its marketing tools were exclusively designed for […]

Trade shows giveaways tips

Trade shows giveaways tips You can still stand out from other competing businesses by giving away low cost promotional items at trade shows and conventions.   At Guru Printers we’ve compiled a list of often seen promotional items at trade shows.  Below we will explain the benefits of each.  Stickers  Tote bags T-shirts Power banks  Luggage […]

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