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Guru printers has a range of sticker or label printing options for everyday use or to brand your business and it’s products. Stickers are frequently used to spread brand awareness for a product. Stickers on a sheet or Label printing is a cost effective way to brand your products. We offer a range of paper options including vinyl which is known for is strong adhesiveness and durability.

Quality sticker printing and Label Printing, Los Angeles is perfect for small businesses and startups. We  offer additional add on services as well, such as Foil Stamping and raised Spot UV coating. Our unique brand of premium printing products with top notch customer service is unique in the crowded printing space.

We offer stickers or labels on a sheet in rectangular format, square format and kiss cut (cut to a shape). Kiss cut stickers or labels are lightly cut borders around your sticker, so that when the sticker is lifted off of the page it will peel at the custom shape kiss cut while the backing of the label will remain.

Cost Effective.

Stickers on a sheet or Labels on a sheet are a cost effective way to print marketing stickers. They will allow you to brand your products with a label that will spread your message to clients and customers.

Spread your brand with custom shaped kiss cut stickers.

A nicely designed label will help differentiate your brand for other businesses. Our design team can help you figure out the best design for your business, simply fill out the for below or give one of our team members a call at 213-612-4451 and they will guide you through the entire printing process. We offer roll labels, die cut individual stickers & glossy UV stickers. Contact us today!

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Stickers for Business

Marketing is an integral part of your overall business strategy. However, it requires careful planning and preparation. Today, marketing has changed because it is all about visual impact. Even if you have a product with the best features, you can’t generate higher returns on investments (ROIs) if you don’t understand the latest marketing methods.

Studies show that the human brain can process visual content 60,000 times faster than textual content. So, if you have product packaging with excellent visual content, you can grab potential and existing customers’ attention. The same is true for more cost-effective methods like product stickers.

People spend less time reading product descriptions or content on the packaging. Therefore, every second is crucial to keep the customer’s gaze on your product packaging. Today’s article will discuss the significance of custom stickers for your business and give you essential information to achieve your goals.

Factors to Consider For Custom Sticker Printing

Many companies ignore the significance of stickers because they think digital marketing has dominated the business world. Although this is true up to some extent, stickers have the potential to positively impact your company.

While stickers are minimalistic, small, and inexpensive, they are versatile enough to grab the attention of your existing and potential customers. Here are a few factors to consider when designing or printing custom stickers for your business.

Define Your Goals

According to Guru Printers, a reputable printing service in LA, setting goals for your sticker campaign is essential to attract new customers and sell more products. Ask yourself the following questions when defining goals for your sticker campaign.

  • Do I need stickers to place on my product?
  • Do I want to give stickers away?
  • Do I need stickers for advertising?
  • What size, shape, and material will attract more customers?
  • Do I need larger stickers for walls or small ones for packaging?
  • Is it necessary to invest in waterproof stickers?

When you define and clarify your goals, you can discern your requirements and streamline the entire process. So, this will save you time/money and print stickers that align with your business/marketing/promotional strategy.

Consider Your Products

Each business has different products, including packaging materials, boxes, and containers. Designing stickers for your company requires thorough planning and consideration of your products because some products don’t work well with certain sticker types.

For example, if you want to design stickers for bottles, it is crucial to keep the rectangular shape because it wraps around the whole item. Likewise, this conveys the relevant information without disrupting the design.

If your products require refrigeration, such as beer or juice bottles, Guru Printers recommend using BOPP material because it can withstand temperature, moisture, and refrigeration.

On the other hand, design round or oval stickers for products like seal boxes. The curves ensure a visual contrast to the box’s sharp corners and grab the attention of potential and existing customers.

For instance, round and oval stickers spotlight the design that includes your contact information or brand logo. Moreover, use white paper stickers for product and mailer boxes. Guru Printers recommend white vinyl stickers for shipping boxes because they are durable, sturdy, stickier, and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Choose an Appropriate Type/Material

Although custom stickers are affordable to promote your brand and market your products, not choosing the right type of materials can waste your time and money. Therefore, select an appropriate printing material to get the job done professionally and achieve peace of mind. Here are a few types/materials to consider.

Glossy UV Coated Stickers

Glossy UV-coated stickers have a robust adhesive that sticks to different flat surfaces. These stickers have a strong coating that improves the design and colors. At the same time, the UV coating protects the sticker from damage.

Guru Printers offers numerous UV sticker printing options, including shapes, sizes, and quantities to meet your business or marketing requirements. You can use custom stickers for different purposes, such as corporate events, trade shows, product launches, and business promotions. Remember glossy UV-coated stickers are best for indoor use.

Guru Printers offer different sizes, ranging from 1.5 inches x 2.5 inches to 6 inches x 9 inches. If you want to print round stickers, you can choose sizes from 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches to 3.5 inches or 2 inches x 2 inches. Likewise, oval stickers are available in sizes, including 3.25 inches x 7.5 inches and 1.5 inches x 2.5 inches.

Guru Printers use crack and peel paper with gloss UV lamination coating, making these stickers perfect for indoor use. Depending on your needs, you can choose from oval, round, square, and rectangle shapes.

Crack and Peel Stickers

Crack and peel stickers are easy-to-use and comfortable to apply. These stickers have slits on the back of each sticker that streamlines the peeling and application process. Crack and peel stickers are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes and are ideal for marketing your brand and creating a positive impression.

However, hiring a professional printing service in LA is crucial For instance, Guru Printers have graphic designers with extensive knowledge to create designs, shapes, and styles that best fit your needs.

Guru Printers use crack and peel paper with gloss UV lamination coating. These stickers are available in different sizes ranging from 2 inches x 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches. So this allows you to design a custom sticker and uniquely promote your brand.

Select a Reliable Printing Service

Once you plan the design, it is time to give birth to it. Select a printing service with years of experience, reputation, and skilled workers to put the plan in motion. For example, Guru Printers offer fully customized sticker services for businesses, ensuring everything goes smoothly and according to your specifications.

Our designers and printers work collaboratively and consider the size, shape, material, and quantity to give you precisely what you want for your marketing campaign. Therefore, working with a printing partner like Guru Printers is worth your time and money.

Final Words

Custom stickers offer a wide range of benefits to businesses. Not only are custom stickers durable, but they are also affordable to increase your brand visibility, bring charm to your corporate event, and improve your product labeling.

Guru Printers can design and print eye-catching custom stickers based on your needs. The possibilities are endless when you choose our company for design and printing. Call us today for more info or visit our company for detailed discussions.


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