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Custom Button Specifications:

For higher quantities or faster turnaround times on Custom Buttons Los Angeles, please use the “Custom Estimate” at the top of the page.

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Button Sizes: 1″ Round, 1.25″ Round, 2″ x 2″ Square, 2″ x 3″ Rectangle, 2.25″ Round, 2.5″ x 3.5″ Rectangle, 3″ Round, 3.5″ Round, 3.5″ x 2.5″ Rectangle

Cutoff time for all orders is 8:00 AM PST (Monday-Friday) to include the day of. Please note, turnaround time does not include Digital proof preparation.

Products Description:

Our pinback custom buttons can spread and create great brand awareness. These buttons are great to give away as swag for events and conventions. We offer a wide range of button sizes with pinback.

These buttons are meant to be worn on shirts & backpacks. Our custom buttons will help you spread the word quickly and allow you to show off your brand to a wide audience when they are passed out at events and conventions and this will allow you to get your logo and brand in front of a large audience quickly and efficiently.

Button Design Options:

We know you’re busy, so we want this process of printing custom buttons to be as smooth as possible. If you have a design in mind for your custom buttons Los Angeles, format your image as a PDF (front and back of the postcard, please), upload it, and your cards will begin processing.

If you would rather not design your own custom button, we offer in-house graphic designers who can send you several design options for your pinback buttons. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish. If you have specific graphics, photos, or template ideas, send them our way. If you’d rather leave it up to us, just supply the text and we’ll provide the rest!

Custom Buttons: Wear Your Identity and Message with Pride:

In a world of self-expression and creative individuality, custom buttons have emerged as a timeless and versatile accessory. These small, yet impactful, pieces of wearable art allow individuals and businesses to showcase their unique identity, support causes close to their hearts, or promote their brand in a fun and eye-catching manner. Let’s explore the fascinating world of custom buttons and how they empower people to wear their identity and message with pride.

1. The Power of Personalization: Custom buttons offer the power of personalization like no other accessory. Whether you want to display your favorite quote, a symbol representing your interests, or a picture of a loved one, custom buttons provide a tangible canvas for self-expression. From creative artists to avid activists, individuals can wear their beliefs, passions, and personality with pride.

2. Versatility and Uniqueness: Custom buttons are incredibly versatile, allowing you to create designs that reflect your style and message. With a vast array of shapes, sizes, and finishes to choose from, each custom button becomes a unique representation of its wearer. From simple round buttons to intricate die-cut shapes, the possibilities are limitless.

3. A Wearable Medium for Causes: For passionate advocates and activists, custom buttons become a powerful tool for raising awareness and showing support for causes they believe in. From social issues to environmental campaigns, these buttons act as conversation starters, sparking meaningful discussions and driving positive change.

4. Memorable Event Mementos: In the realm of events and celebrations, custom buttons serve as delightful mementos that attendees can take home. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate gathering, custom buttons can be personalized with event themes, dates, or special messages, providing participants with a tangible keepsake to cherish.

5. Boosting Team Spirit and Unity: In team settings, custom buttons foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Sports teams, clubs, and organizations can have their logo or team motto printed on buttons, creating a unifying symbol that members can proudly wear, boosting morale and team spirit.

6. Effective Brand Promotion: Businesses have recognized the potential of custom buttons as a cost-effective and engaging marketing tool. Custom buttons with the company logo, tagline, or promotional messages can be distributed at events, trade shows, and product launches. As customers wear these buttons, they inadvertently become brand ambassadors, spreading the word and creating buzz around the brand.

7. Joyful Collectibles: Custom buttons often become collectible items for enthusiasts. From comic book characters to pop culture references, buttons offer a fun way for fans to celebrate their favorite fandoms and collect cherished pieces of memorabilia.

8. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, custom buttons have an advantage in being an eco-friendly accessory. Made with recyclable materials, these buttons contribute to reducing single-use waste and align with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

9. A Powerful Ice-Breaker: In social settings or networking events, custom buttons become valuable ice-breakers. A witty or intriguing button can serve as an excellent conversation starter, helping individuals connect and engage with one another more effortlessly.

Conclusion: Custom buttons are not just accessories; they are expressions of identity, messages of support, and creative tools for self-promotion. With their versatility, uniqueness, and potential for impact, custom buttons empower individuals and businesses to wear their beliefs, passions, and brand with pride. From social causes to special events, and from brand promotion to personal expression, these small, wearable artworks leave a lasting impression on the world, one button at a time. So, if you have a message to share, a cause to support, or a brand to promote, wear it with pride on a custom button and let your personality shine.

Shipping Timeframes


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Guru Printers produces all orders respective to when they are processed and batched on the production queue. Although, we try our best to produce all orders accordingly based on your geographical proximity to a production facility, we cannot make any guarantees that your item will be produced out of a specific location.

File Setup

In order to ensure your files are print-ready, we recommend that you upload them in PDF format. When you generate a print-ready PDF, your computer will use the settings in Adobe Acrobat Distiller or any other PDF generating programs you may use. Please make sure that these are set properly before generating your PDF file.

If you are uploading PDF files created in Photoshop, please be sure all layers are flattened.

We also accept .JPG (JPEG), and .TIF (TIFF) file types, however PDF is the preferred format.

Check your file to make sure it meets our file creation guidelines. This will help speed up the production of your project and give your printed piece the best results.

  1. Use the CMYK colorspace (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK). These are industry standard printing colors. CMYK colors are different than RGB (Red, Green, Blue), which are used to display colors on your screen.
  2. Use a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for image files.
  3. Specify trim area with crop marks. (Don’t place crop marks inside the work area.)
  4. Artwork should have 1/8″ (0.125″) bleed extending past the trim line. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.
  5. Safe Area is the 1/8″ (0.125″) area inside the trim line. Do not put critical information or images within the Safe Area. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.
  6. If you want printed borders, they must be placed a minimum of 1/8″ (0.125″) inside the trim line and include bleed. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.

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