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Custom T-Shirt Printing

Custom T-Shirt Printing

Custom T-Shirt Printing Specifications:

Custom T-Shirt Printing:


Design Options:

Cutoff time for all orders is 8:00 AM PST (Monday-Friday). Orders placed after cutoff time will be reconciled the following business day. Please note, turnaround time does not include Digital proof preparation.

Custom T-Shirts Printing: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s world, custom t-shirts printing has become an essential aspect of personal expression, corporate branding, and event promotion.

Custom t-shirts printing give people and companies a fun and original way to display their distinctive style, message, and identity. From designing eye-catching graphics to printing catchy slogans or logos, custom t-shirts offer endless possibilities to convey a message or create a lasting impression.

Businesses use customized t-shirts to advertise their brands, boost visibility, and foster a sense of teamwork among their staff. Events like concerts, sports competitions, or conferences rely on custom t-shirts printing to create a sense of belonging and to enhance the attendee experience.

This article will explore the world of custom t-shirt printing, looking at the processes, supplies, and design options. We’ll also give you pointers and tricks on how to design the ideal custom t-shirt for your requirements, whether they are for private use or business purposes.

So, let’s dive in!

Methods of T-Shirts Printing

Custom t-shirts printing methods come in a variety, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. In this overview, we list the most common methods:

A. Screen Printing

Screen printing is a popular, historical way of putting images on t-shirts. The process entails devising a stencil (or “screen”) for each color featured in the design.

Ink is then pressed through the screen onto the fabric, layer by layer, creating a vibrant and durable print.

B. Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG printing is a newer and increasingly popular method that involves printing the design directly onto the fabric using specialized inkjet printers.

This method allows for highly detailed and colorful designs but may be less cost-effective for large quantities.

C. Heat Transfer Printing

Heat-transfer printing involves using a heat press to transfer a design from transfer paper onto the t-shirt.

For small orders or intricate designs, this method is recommended, although its durability may be less than that of alternative processes.

D. Embroidery

Embroidery involves stitching a design onto the fabric using specialized machines.

This method creates a classic and professional look, but may be more expensive and time-consuming than other methods.

E. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing involves printing the design onto transfer paper using specialized sublimation ink, then using a heat press to transfer the design onto the fabric.

This method is best for polyester or other synthetic fabrics.

F. Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting involves cutting a design out of vinyl material and then heat pressing the vinyl onto the t-shirt. This method is best for simple designs with few colors.

When selecting a printing process, take into account the intricacy of the design, the number of shirts required, the material employed, and your financial plan.

By choosing an appropriate method according to what you require, you can guarantee a top-notch and enduring custom t-shirt.

How to Choose the Right Custom T-Shirts Printing Service

Choosing the right custom t-shirts printing service can make all the difference in the quality and satisfaction of your final product. Here are a few things to consider when choose a printing service:

  1. Quality of Printing: Printing quality should be a top concern. Look for a printing service that uses high-quality inks and equipment to ensure that the design is sharp and long-lasting.
  2. Type of Fabric: Different fabrics may require different printing techniques. When selecting a printing service, think about their expertise with the fabric you aim to use.
  3. Turnaround Time: Depending on your needs, the turnaround time for your custom t-shirt order may be critical. Look for a printing service that offers quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality.
  4. Pricing: Pricing can vary widely between printing services. Be sure to compare pricing for the specific services you require and consider any additional fees, such as setup or shipping.
  5. Customer Service: A printing service with excellent customer service can make the process much smoother and less stressful. Look for a service with responsive and helpful customer service representatives who can assist you throughout the process.

By considering these factors, you can select a custom t-shirts printing service that meets your needs and expectations.

Choosing the Right T-Shirt for Printing

Deciding on the perfect t-shirt for custom printing involves considering several aspects. Here’s some advice to help you choose the best t-shirt for your project:

  •        Fabric Type: Think about which material you would prefer for your t-shirt: cotton or polyester? Cotton is renowned for its softness and breathability, while polyester affords excellent durability and the ability to draw away moisture.
  •        Fabric Weight: The thickness of the fabric is gauged through its weight, which is determined by GSM (grams per square meter). A higher GSM means a heavier fabric. Consider the intended use of the t-shirt and choose a weight that fits your needs.
  •        Shirt Cut and Style: The cut and style of the shirt can also affect how the design looks when printed. Consider the fit, neckline, and sleeve length to ensure that the shirt complements the design.
  •        Color Availability: Make sure to choose a t-shirt color that complements your design and branding. When selecting a color, keep in mind that certain shades may be more expensive or harder to obtain.

By considering these factors, you can select the right t-shirt for your custom printing project.

Designing Your Custom T-Shirt

Being creative and having fun while designing your own custom t-shirt. It is essential to consider a few key points when designing a shirt for your company, an event, or personal use so that it stands out.

1. Consider the Purpose of the Shirt:

When deciding to have custom t-shirts printing, one should first think about the intended use of the shirt. Is the shirt for a special event or holiday? Is it for a gift? Or is it simply for everyday wear?

Each of these purposes will require different design elements and printing techniques. It’s a useful tool for deciding the design and fashion of the shirt.

2. Choose the Right Colors, Fonts, and Graphics:

The selection of colors, font, and graphics for a t-shirt design can be the deciding factor in its success. Consider the message you want to convey and choose colors and fonts that complement it. Utilize graphics and images with high resolution to make sure they’re sharp and readable.

3. Keep it simple:

Designing custom t-shirts can be enticing, as you have the freedom to express yourself in any way you desire. But more often than not, simpler designs are better. When it comes to custom t-shirts printing, less is usually more.

Your t-shirt can have endless possibilities with its straightforward design. It can be worn for different occasions and by people with different styles. A complex design may look great on its own, but it might be too busy or over the top when paired with other clothing items.

Additionally, a simple design is easier to execute.This reduces the chance of encountering difficulties while printing, and should any problems occur with your order, adjustments are simpler and more economical to make on a basic design than on a complex one.

So when it comes to custom t-shirts printing, keep it simple! A few well-placed elements will create a shirt that looks great and is easy to print.

4. Make Your Design Unique:

Make sure your design stands out from the rest. Consider using unique typography, patterns, and images that will make your t-shirt design & printing one of a kind. Where possible, it is best to refrain from using stock photos or clip art.

5. Use high-quality graphics:

For a successful custom t-shirt design, high-quality graphics should be used. This will ensure that your shirt looks its best when printed.

When selecting a graphic for your shirt, remember to ensure that it is high resolution. This will help avoid any blurriness or pixelation when the design is printed on the shirt.

6. Utilize design tools and resources:

Many online design tools are available that can assist you in producing a polished t-shirt design even if you have no experience with graphic design. Some popular options include Canva, Adobe Spark, and Designhill.

Researching the web provides numerous tools and information to assist with t-shirt design. Popular tutorials include those from Skillshare, Udemy, and CreativeLive.

7. Proofread your design:

Before printing your t-shirt, make sure to proofread it for any spelling or grammar mistakes. This simple step can save you from embarrassment in the future!

These tips can assist you in creating a catchy and impactful t-shirt design & printing.

Pricing and Ordering

When it comes to custom t-shirts printing, pricing is a crucial consideration for many customers. The overall cost of your special t-shirt will be affected by various aspects, such as the number of items, design complexity, printing approach, and fabric type.

Most printing companies offer bulk discounts, which can significantly reduce the cost per shirt. Ordering a larger quantity of shirts usually means a lower cost per shirt. However, keep in mind that some companies have a cheap custom t-shirts no minimum order requirement for bulk discounts.

The order process is typically straightforward. Once your design is done and you’ve chosen the printing technique and material, you may submit your order electronically or in person. The printing company will produce a mock-up, which requires your acceptance prior to production commencing.

Turnaround time is another important factor to consider. The turnaround time for printing shirts can vary depending on the method used and the number of items you’re ordering. Confirm this with your printer before proceeding with the order.

Quality and Durability

The quality and durability of a custom t-shirt depend on the printing method, material, and design. To guarantee an impressive product that lasts, select a printing service that uses superior materials and techniques.

The lifespan of the print on the t-shirt can be extended if it’s maintained properly. Proper care instructions should be provided by the printing service and followed carefully to ensure the print does not fade or peel off easily.

It’s important to wash the t-shirt inside out in cold water, avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, and hang or lay flat to dry. Proper handling and maintenance can guarantee your custom t-shirt remains in tip-top shape for the foreseeable future.

Top Custom T-Shirts Printing Trends

Custom t-shirts printing has evolved significantly since its inception. Now, there are many creative and contemporary trends available to be included in your custom designs.

Eco-friendly printing has become increasingly popular, as more people become environmentally conscious. Unique textures and materials, such as distressed or acid-washed fabrics, add a unique and stylish touch to t-shirts.

All-over printing, which covers the entire shirt with a design or pattern, is a bold and eye-catching trend.

Lastly, vintage and retro designs have made a comeback, as many people seek to recapture the nostalgia of past eras.

Remaining up to date with these patterns can help you generate personalized t-shirts that are fashionable as well as express your individual preference.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When making your personalized t-shirt, be sure to steer clear of typical errors that could affect the outcome. Here are some of them:

  1. Low-quality artwork: Ensure that your artwork is of excellent quality and has a high resolution; this will guarantee that it looks its best when printed.
  2. Improper file formatting: Make certain that the file is formatted appropriately, including JPEG, PNG, or PDF. This will prevent any issues with printing.
  3. Choosing the wrong printing method: Choosing the correct printing technique based on your design, fabric, and quantity is essential; doing so ensures a satisfactory outcome.
  4. Poor color choices: Select colors that are easy to read and have a high contrast. Using too many hues can raise the price tag and complicate the printing process.

To guarantee that your custom t-shirt looks exactly as you desire, try to stay clear of these usual mistakes.


Custom t-shirts printing is an essential aspect of promoting businesses, events, and personal style. Select the right printing and t-shirt design to create a shirt that truly stands out!

You can craft something unique that will certainly pique interest. The process of designing and ordering custom t-shirts has become increasingly accessible, with numerous online services and resources available. When selecting a printing service, it’s essential to evaluate aspects like quality, fabric, cost, and customer support.

To avoid common mistakes, ensure that your artwork is high-quality and correctly formatted, and choose the right printing method and colors for your design. Proper care instructions should also be followed to ensure the longevity of your custom t-shirt.

So why wait? Start designing your own custom t-shirts today and make a statement with your unique style! By equipping yourself with the appropriate supplies and materials, you can craft a garment that accurately portrays your self-expression and outlook.

Don’t hesitate to explore the different printing methods and design options available and have fun with the process!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the printing process take?

The selection of the printing technique is based on the technique employed, the quantity of prints wanted, and the intricacy of the pattern. However, most custom t-shirts printing services offer a turnaround time of about 5-10 business days.

How do I design my own custom t-shirt?

You can design your own custom t-shirt using design software or online tools provided by custom t-shirts printing services. Selecting the appropriate colors, fonts, and graphics is vital for delivering a first-rate result.

How much does a custom t-shirt cost?

The cost of a custom t-shirt depends on various factors such as the printing method, shirt style and quantity. When you buy larger quantity of items will reduce the cost per item, so it’s an excellent way to save money.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity can vary depending on the printing service. The amount of shirts you order will depend on the service you select. This can range from 10 to 20, or even just one!

Can I mix and match different shirt colors and styles in one order?

Yes, some custom t-shirt printing services allow you to mix and match different shirt colors and styles in one order.

What printing methods work best for different types of designs or materials?

Different printing methods work best for different types of designs or materials. For example, screen printing works well for simple designs with fewer colors, while direct to garment (DTG) printing works better for complex designs with more colors.

How can I ensure my design looks good on different shirt sizes?

Make sure to test your design on various shirt sizes to ensure that it looks good on all sizes. You can also consult with the printing service for their recommendations.

Can I print on both sides of the shirt?

Yes, some custom t-shirt printing services offer double-sided printing.

How do I properly care for my custom printed t-shirt?

It’s essential to adhere to the care instructions given by the printing service for your print to last. It is recommended to clean the item in cold water, omitting bleach and fabric softener for best results.


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