Postcards In Any Shape You Want. Custom die cut service!

You’ve got a postcard in your hand which is marketing a call to action. A postcard should be unique and direct so that it makes a lasting impression on your clients. Make sure you do that by printing a custom shape postcard that will make a lasting impression on them! By altering the shape of a print the sky is limit and the possibilities are endless. At Guru Printers we have a custom die cutting machine that can cut paper into any shape, your imagination is your only limit when printing postcards with us.

Die cuts are custom and cut with an flatbed cutter. This means that the shapes are endless when designing and picking a shape for your brand or company. Our cutting machine can cut highly intricate shapes whether the postcard is for a business announcement or for a personal announcement like a wedding or engagement. Some tips when you are design a postcard for die cutting include; making sure to have enough support around the die cut area so that the postcard does not get damaged. Make sure there is a seamless integration between the die cut and the designed parts of your print. Make your company’s branding pop but meshing together the custom shapes with your business philosophy or branding.

Custom Shapes and the possibilities are endless.

Die cuts add a new and unique element to your marketing postcards. By using die cuts within your postcard you increase the chance of that postcard or announcement of being remembered. When someone receives your custom shaped postcard, they will remember your brand or company above all other received postcards.  We also offer multiple other services with our printing like silk lamination, foiling and much more. Contact the friendly staff at Guru Printers today!


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