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Custom Canvas Print With Floating Frame:

Custom Canvas Prints with Floating Frame add a contemporary flair to our wall art offers. Printed canvas material is mounted on a hard backing board and then inset into our framing. The frame is 1.25″ deep and the frame face is .25″, the canvas is inset .25″ all around for a clean and elegant look.

Store pickup is not available for custom canvas prints. Please choose desired shipping method at time of checkout. Bulk shipment pricing is available by using the “sets” option. You can bulk ship up to 5 sets of the same file going to the same address.

Framed Canvas Print NOTE WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Formaldehyde (gas). For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Floating Canvas Frames:

Floating canvas prints are gallery wrapped canvases which are framed with a floater gallery frame to create a unique and elegant piece of wall art.

We will print your photo or artwork onto a inkjet canvas roll and then wrap that image around stretcher bars. We will gallery wrap your image around the edge of the canvas to create an elegant gallery wrap image.

The creative possibilities of this product is endless.

Wall Art Prints:

We offer various canvas print sizes and offer three floater frame finishes to pick from. We offer a nice selection of walnut, white or black frames to add flair to your canvas print and improve your home’s wall décor.

The floater frames arrive ready to hang in your home or office and will definitely improve the visual look of any space.

Personalized Wall Art:

Floater Framed Canvas Prints are an east way to create your own wall décor prints for your home or office. Simply upload the image you’d like printed and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive an amazing canvas print that will light up your home or office for years to come!

What is Framed Print on Canvas?

Framing is an excellent way to present a photo. Whether you frame a picture for your home, bedroom, or office, use a frame that uniquely represents the photo. Although you can find a wide range of frames, floating ones are matchless. These frames have become more popular for canvas prints.

The purpose is to improve the aesthetic appearance of your canvas print. So, floating frames are an excellent way to show your photos to the world. Unlike the traditional frames, canvas floating frames add a unique touch and intrigue the painting or prints on canvas.

In addition, millions of people worldwide use these floating frames because they offer a gallery-like appearance and improve the presentation of your art or painting. You can find floating frames in living rooms, museums, and art exhibitions. These are aesthetically pleasing, durable, reliable, and cost-effective. Read on!

What is Framed Canvas?

A floating frame canvas is a print that combines the unique style of a framed print and gallery-wrapped canvases. Guru Printers is a reputable printing company in Los Angeles with a team of experienced professionals to custom print your photo on a wrapped canvas and set it in the frame. The image will appear to “float,” giving it a contemporary touch and edge.

According to Guru Printers’ experts, floating canvases offer a unique look and are perfect for your home’s interior décor. Whether printing candid snapshots or former family portraits, frame prints on canvas are an excellent way to modernize your home’s interior.

Traditional frames have a rabbet that holds the mats, glass, and art. A classic frame requires you to mount the painting or art through the back of the frame. On the other hand, a floater frame does have a rabbet, and you can mount the canvas through the front.

Besides, you can customize the canvas’s edges and choose a quality frame finish. For example, you can wrap the photo around the sides or prefer a custom color to improve the anesthetics. When you hire Guru Printers for framed print on canvas, the possibilities are endless.

Should You Use Canvas Print Frames?

Canvas print frames are a unique option to achieve a museum-like aesthetic effect, contemporary look, an upscale presentation, and modernize your home or office. A floater frame is ideal for canvases with art wrapping around the sides because it allows for extra space and ensures viewing of the entire photo.

For instance, a floater frame ensures viewing the entire thing, whether it is texture on the canvas or an image extension. So, if you want to improve the appearance and feel of your canvas art and the space around it, a floating frame is an excellent choice.

Personalize Your Wall Art

Most homeowners find it challenging to make a wall décor. However, you can hire Guru Printing services to make informed choices and personalize your wall art. You can use your favorite canvas art or a favorite photo to create a unique decorative item for your home or office.

Guru Printers offers unique customization options, and you need to input the desired parameters, such as the size, the canvas edge, and frame finish. Professionals at Guru Printers will take care of the project and ensure everything goes smoothly and according to your requirements.

Once you receive the order within five business days, you can hang the framed print on a canvas without hassle using the pre-mounted accessories. So, if you want to create a unique, memorable, or one-of-a-kind photo canvas, you can rely on premium-quality services offered by Guru Printers, LA.

Photo Canvas Customization

You can personalize your floating canvas with unique frame finishes, including white, black, and walnut, to enhance your interior décor. Besides, Guru Printers allows you to choose from various sizes and custom colors for edges.

Hundreds of people hire Guru Printing services because we offer a wide selection of color options. The purpose is to help you choose the best color that compliments the hues in your canvas or photo.

Moreover, you can go with the photo-wrapped edges to print a class gallery-like canvas. Guru Printers offers hundreds of unique combinations that highlight your prints/photos based on your needs.

Fits Any Size Canvas

Floater frames are usually made of wood and are available in different sizes. The best thing about a floater frame is that it can fit any size canvas.

These frames are thinner to highlight the painting, photo, or art inside. At the same time, they are lightweight, portable, and durable. These frames do not take up a lot of space.

Guru Printers use quality materials for framed print on canvas. The purpose is to protect and highlight the canvas professionally and aesthetically. We have a team of experienced designers and printers to complete the project reliably and quickly.

Mount Thick Canvas Prints

Floating frames are perfect for highlighting and mouthing thick canvas prints. Guru Printers makes substantial efforts to produce canvas prints using premium-quality photo ink.

Our team ensures sharp and crisp details and vibrant colors to produce a more polished framed print on canvas. A traditional frame mounts the photo or art through the back, obstructing the print’s edges. In contrast, Guru Printers’ experts use quality floater frames and mount the canvas through the front to prevent it from obstructions.

Final Words

At Guru Printers, our experienced team prints photos or canvas using premium-quality materials and industrial-grade ink for unique, polished, vibrant, and clear images. Our team provides modern, stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and durable framing options to showcase canvas prints and improve your interior décor.

You can use our online customization tool to set the parameters, including the size, shape, materials, etc., and let our professional take care of the rest. Our custom framed prints on canvas are durable, attractive, one-of-a-kind, and cost-effective. Call Guru Printers today to discuss your requirements and explore different options with details. Until Next Time!