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Booklets and Catalogs

Booklet Printing Los Angeles 

Catalog and Booklet Printing Specifications:

  • Sizes: 8.5″ x 11″ or Custom Sizes
  • Perfect Binding, Saddle Stitch, Comb Binding, Coil Binding & Wire Binding
  • Bleed or Non Bleed Printing
  • Single Sided or Double Sided


Booklet printing is an effective, offline way to showcase your portfolio. Whether you’re a graphic designer wanting to stand out from the crowd, or a contractor looking to impress your next client, having a tangible guide to your work is always a plus. Booklet and catalog printing is one way to broaden your effective marketing efforts. No one marketing tactic will appeal to every potential customer. Booklets and catalogs target visually oriented, busy people who probably won’t click a link or Google your business–or who just prefer to hold something in their hands.

Booklet Printing: Using booklets and catalogs are cost effective ways to help increase a business’s sales. However, if choosing to use this method to help boost online, over the phone and retail site sales, it is very important to use high-quality booklet and catalog printing services. Both catalogs and booklets represent a business’s image and should be made to look sophisticated while effectively representing the business and products available.

Portable: Catalogs are portable, making it possible for customers to take wherever they go or to give to friends who might be interested in you products.

Educational: There is plenty of space in a catalog to educate your customers about your products and services.

Visually Appealing: Catalogs and booklets can be filled with photographs and graphics making them visually appealing and can enhance a business’s brand and identity. There are many different benefits to using catalogs and booklets. The biggest benefit is complementing your current sales with those from the catalog. Both offer an open tablet to fill with all the information your customers need. Get the word out about your company and products by using a simple catalog or booklet as a marketing tool

Identify Content

Planning your booklet printing order is key. The first thing you should do is identify what content would give you the biggest bang for your buck. For photographers, putting together an excellent, mini portfolio is easy. Select a few of your most compelling (or successful) pieces. Choose Guru Printers’ 28lb, double-sided, nonbleeding 100# gloss paper. Pick the custom size that would best showcase your work, and you’re done.

Additional Options

If you’re a business looking to fill your booklet with calls to action and effective marketing, you have even more choices. Guru Printers offers a variety of cover stock and binding options. Choose the most effective for your target audience and focus on making the catalog or booklet appealing. Hopefully, this is an item that your customers are going to share!


Booklet printing has one more main purpose: publishing short works. Literary magazines and chapbook publishers often turn to booklet printing to get work out there. The small size offered by Guru Printers is perfect for limited runs. With a low minimum order, growing artists and journals can create a physical product without breaking the bank. If you want perfection, Guru Printers allows you to choose from saddle stitch, comb binding, coil binding, and more. With a variety of cover stocks, you get to put together the small run print that matches the vibe of your artwork.

Businesses, artists, and freelancers can all use booklet printing in some capacity. It’s more powerful than a business card and requires more attention to detail. Guru Printers has high-quality paper and many customization options to choose from, so your booklet printing goes smoothly every time. Local pickup from our downtown Los Angeles location is available. We even ship within the US.

Booklet Printing