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Business Card Printing Specifications:

Available Matte Card Sizes:

  • 2” x 3.5” (Standard Business Card Size)


  • 16pt thick card stock paper


  • AQ Dull Matte Coating

Design Options:

If you’re looking for business card printing Los Angeles, look not further than Guru Printers. We know you’re busy, so we want this process to be as smooth and efficient as possible. If you have a design in mind for your matte business cards, format your image as a PDF (front and back of the card, please), upload it, and your cards will begin processing.

If you would rather not design your own card, we offer in-house graphic designers who can send you several design options. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish. If you have specific graphics, photos, or template ideas, send them our way. If you’d rather leave it up to us, just supply the text and we’ll provide the rest!

Cutoff time for all orders is 8:00 AM PST (Monday-Friday). Orders placed after cutoff time will be reconciled the following business day. Please note, turnaround time does not include Digital proof preparation.

Common Questions:

Can I Write on This Stock?
Yes, you can write on these matte business cards with pen or permanent marker.

Can I Have Borders in My Artwork?
At Guru Printers we do accept borders on business cards. However, we do not recommend them due to a shift that can occur during the printing and cutting process. Artwork can shift up to 0.0625” in any direction during the printing and cutting process and this can create uneven borders on your business cards.


FAQ Section
Design Templates
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Design ideas for Business Cards
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At Guru Printers we offer a wide range of business cards from glossy or matte to suede and silk coated cards. Matte business cards are reasonably priced and come with finishing options such as rounded corners. If you need something designed, our expert design team can guide you through the entire process. Contact one of our friendly staff members to help you create a unique business card that will help your business shine.

The Guru Printers guarantee is that you will receive a high quality product at a reasonable price. If you have any issues or questions about your design or matte business card layout, please give us a call or email us and one of our friendly staff members will guide you. Looking for a card that can be written on and has an elegant matte finish? Look no further than our standard matte business card. Need something printed quicker than the listed turnaround time, please give us a call or send us an email.

How to Choose a Local Business Card Printing Service in LA

Whether looking for a design agency or a business card printing company, choosing a service that best fits your needs is crucial. The purpose is to reduce printing costs, save time, and make the most out of your investment.

Each printing service in LA has its own pros and cons. For instance, some companies have cutting-edge printing equipment, but they don’t have experienced graphic designers and printing experts.

Similarly, other companies have experienced professionals but don’t have a budget for installing advanced printers to produce quality work. So, finding the best business card printing service in LA is daunting and time-consuming for individuals and businesses.

The good news is that you can follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this post to narrow down your search results and choose a service that aligns with your marketing goals. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Look for Years of Experience

A professional printing company that offers business card printing services should have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the printing industry. Although you can hire a company that offers cheap services, you will lose money eventually due to the low-quality work.

Therefore, look for a company with comprehensive expertise in business card printing. Likewise, search online and look for reviews on third-party websites to see what others say about the business card printing service.

Because the printing sector experiences changes and innovations rapidly, a company that maintains the pace to stay creative stands out with its above-par business card printing services. When analyzing reviews on third-party websites, see what others say about the company’s process.

  • Does it use cutting-edge design methods?
  • Does it use innovative printing methods?
  • How many years of experience does the company have in the local printing industry?
  • Does it use premium-quality printing materials that withstand damage?
  • Does the company have a good track record?
  • How many positive or negative reviews does it have on third-party websites?

When you answer these questions, you will generate valuable insights. You can use these insights to narrow your search results and make an informed decision.

Consider the Quality of Business Cards

Find out whether the business card printing service will deliver high-quality work. We recommend contacting the company and asking for its recently completed work samples. You can also browse the company’s website and see whether it has business card samples or templates available.

Once you have received samples, check for the printing quality, textual and formatting errors, and ink smudging. Likewise, analyze whether the company has printing images correctly. If the photos printed on the business card are blurry, you must not hire the service.

Moreover, avoid choosing companies that offer low-quality and low-cost business card printing services. Instead, select a company with years of experience, a good track record, and various business card services.

For instance, Guru Printers offer:

    • Matte cards
    • Glossy UV coated
  • Premium Business Cards
    • Myriad Foil
    • Matte with spot UV
    • Silk laminated
    • Silk with spot UV
    • Silk with stamped foil
    • Velvet laminated
    • Velve with raised foil
    • Velvet with raised spot UV
    • Velvet with spot UV
  • Specialty Paper Business Cards
    • 14pt Natural
    • 14pt Uncoated
    • Linen Uncoated
    • Pearl Metallic
    • 18pt Kraft
  • Ultra-Thick Business Cards
    • 22pt gloss laminated
    • 32pt black triple layer
    • 32pt uncoated with stamped foil
    • 32pt painted edge
  • Plastic Business Cards
    • 20pt clear
    • 20pt white
    • 20pt frosted

As you can see, Guru Printers offers a wide selection of business card printing services. So, you can choose a product that aligns with your business goals, set the parameters, and let the professionals get the job done.

Check Whether the Company offers Design Services

Most business card printing companies in LA do not offer design services. Keep in mind that a business card is an effective marketing tool that fulfills various purposes, including advertising, call-to-action, brand recognition, and contact information. However, when you spend hundreds of dollars to print business cards with a mediocre design, you can’t achieve your marketing goals.

Therefore, look for a company that offers design services. A well-designed business card showcases your vision, your company’s stature, and your brand value. According to Guru Printers’ experienced graphic designers, consider the following factors when looking for a design service:

  • Typography
  • Paper Quality
  • Creative Layout
  • Shape
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Organization
  • Finishing

Guru Printers has a team of experienced graphic designers who consider different factors when designing a business card. In addition to these design elements, we add a call-to-action to your business card. Although this is not a business card requirement, it encourages people to take action.

Select an Affordable Local Printing Service

Price/cost is one of the most significant factors to consider when hiring a local printing service. Some companies offer cheap services, but the quality of work is not up to the mark. Others charge a lot of money, but the business cards still do not meet your goals.

Therefore, look for a company that offers reliable, quality, and cost-effective printing solutions. For instance, Guru Printers offer premium-quality business cards at the most affordable prices in LA. Guru Printers balance quality services at affordable and competitive prices, allowing businesses to leverage exceptional deals with superior-quality results.

Final Words

Choosing the best business card printing service in Los Angeles is not easy. It requires thorough research and analysis. There are numerous factors to consider when finding and choosing a reliable printing service.

Guru Printers has years of experience in the printing industry. We have a team of qualified and experienced graphic designers to design a business card based on your specific needs.

Our design and printing teams collaborate to produce the best quality results. Guru Printers is a reputable company with five-star reviews. Call us today for more information on business card services. Our customer support team will answer your questions, discuss your requirements, and give you a detailed plan.


Shipping Timeframes


shipping times based on Pacific Standard Time product shipping information
Guru Printers produces all orders respective to when they are processed and batched on the production queue. Although, we try our best to produce all orders accordingly based on your geographical proximity to a production facility, we cannot make any guarantees that your item will be produced out of a specific location.

File Setup

In order to ensure your files are print-ready, we recommend that you upload them in PDF format. When you generate a print-ready PDF, your computer will use the settings in Adobe Acrobat Distiller or any other PDF generating programs you may use. Please make sure that these are set properly before generating your PDF file.

If you are uploading PDF files created in Photoshop, please be sure all layers are flattened.

We also accept .JPG (JPEG), and .TIF (TIFF) file types, however PDF is the preferred format.

Check your file to make sure it meets our file creation guidelines. This will help speed up the production of your project and give your printed piece the best results.

  1. Use the CMYK colorspace (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK). These are industry standard printing colors. CMYK colors are different than RGB (Red, Green, Blue), which are used to display colors on your screen.
  2. Use a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for image files.
  3. Specify trim area with crop marks. (Don’t place crop marks inside the work area.)
  4. Artwork should have 1/8″ (0.125″) bleed extending past the trim line. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.
  5. Safe Area is the 1/8″ (0.125″) area inside the trim line. Do not put critical information or images within the Safe Area. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.
  6. If you want printed borders, they must be placed a minimum of 1/8″ (0.125″) inside the trim line and include bleed. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge.

View our File Setup Templates