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Business cards are an important thing for all companies to have. They provide people with a visual logo for your company, which is great for branding purposes. Also, the card provides different ways they can contact you. The business card strategy depends on the type of business you own. Some businesses, like restaurants, just have one card they pass out with the general manager’s name on it. Other businesses, like law firms, will give each employee their unique card to pass out to their clients. Business cards are not always a cheap investment. The key to finding cheap business cards is not trying to print them yourself! Bring your design plans to a professional printing service and buy them in bulk. Guru Printers is a family-owned company that provides cheap business cards in Los Angeles. By using a professional printer, it is easy to save money on business cards!

Don’t Print Them Yourself!

First and foremost, do not try to print your business cards yourself. You will waste time and resources trying to do it in-house. Investing in high-quality printers, card stock, and ink can cost a lot of money. It can also take a significant amount of time to print business cards, especially if your company is large and has a lot of employees.

Instead, invest in having the cards professionally printed. You will save money, and the job will be done much faster. In addition, the cards will be much higher quality than anything you could print on your own at the office.

Buy in Bulk

If you are looking for cheap business cards in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place. Guru Printers has great prices!

Another way to save money by using a professional printing service is to buy in bulk. By purchasing business cards in larger quantities, you end up saving money as opposed to having smaller batches printed more frequently. At Guru Printers, our batches range from 100 cards to 25,000 cards.

Set a budget for business card expenses. This will help you decide how many business cards will be allocated to each individual. Also, determine whether all employees will receive the same number of cards, or if the number of cards will depend on the job title. For example, at an accounting firm, a partner will most likely need more business cards than an entry-level staff employee. Once you know the number you want, place the order and save big by purchasing in bulk!

Standard vs. Premium Cards

At Guru Printers, we offer many different types of business cards. Here’s some information about each option:

  • Standard – This is the most basic option when it comes to business cards. The cards are printed on 16 pt thick card stock paper and can be either matte or glossy UV coated.
  • Premium – The premium option will bring your business cards to the next level. The options available add some flair and style to your cards to make them unique. Below are the available printing options:
    • Matte with spot UV
    • Myriad foil
    • Laminated silk
    • Silk with spot UV
    • Silk with stamped foil
    • Laminated velvet
    • Raised foil on velvet
    • Velvet with raised spot UV
    • Velvet with spot UV
  • Specialty Paper – Upgrading your business card paper is a great way to make your cards stand out. Consider investing in 14pt cream paper, 18 pt kraft paper, linen paper, or pearl metallic paper.
  • Ultra-Thick – Want to impress your clients even more? Give them a unique, ultra-thick business card to be sure that you stand out in their wallet! 22pt or 32pt paper will give your cards some weight. Get creative with the 32pt painted edge option to add some color to your cards.
  • Plastic – Another unique option is to invest in plastic cards. These 20pt cards can be clear, frosted, or white with your company information on top.

With all of these choices, it is important to do a cost-benefit analysis. If you are looking for the cheapest option, the standard business cards are the way to go. This will save you the most amount of money. However, if you decide to invest more in a higher-quality card, the price will go up, but the style/design will be much more unique.

Skip Hiring a Graphic Designer

Another way to save money on business cards is to leave it to the professional printer to create the graphic design. Save money by letting Guru Printers design your cards, as opposed to doing it in-house and having to pay a graphic designer. We have graphic designers on staff who can create beautiful, eye-catching designs for your business cards. We will work closely with your company to make sure we get the design exactly the way you want it.

Get Cheap Business Cards in Los Angeles at Guru Printers

Investing in business cards is a great way to promote brand awareness and give people a direct way to get in contact with your company or employees. Printing business cards is an investment, but it does not have to be an expensive endeavor! Guru Printers is a professional printing service that provides companies with inexpensive business cards in Los Angeles. By working with us, you will save time and money that otherwise would be wasted by attempting to print business cards on your own. We use high-quality ink and paper and provide companies with a wide variety of style options. In addition, we can even create the graphics for your card. By getting business cards printed in bulk, you will save money in the long run.

For more information about getting business cards printed in the LA area, contact Guru Printers. We are excited to provide you with the perfect business cards to promote your brand!