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Guru Printers Guide To Window Decals and Window Clings

For most brick and mortar businesses window signs can often be great marketing tools and a way to make the presence of your small business known. They can create a professional atmosphere for any storefront while attracting the interest of potential customers.  The right window signage is a budget friendly form of advertising the presents […]

What Makes a Good Printing Services Company?

Whenever you order a product or service, you want to ensure you’re getting the best. There are hundreds of companies out there that offer printing services, but how do you know if they’re good or not? Whether you’re ordering promotional materials for your business, getting invitations for your wedding, or creating a personalized and unique […]

Business Cards That Get Attention

A business card that commands attention is a mixture of various elements like the perfect image, a great logo, and easily readable fonts that are also well sized enough to allow for all the information you want to present on the surface of a small business card.   But if you have all these elements and […]

How to Find Quality Poster Printing

Posters can be a fantastic way to organize your storefront or add some extra style to your product line-up. Artists and art stores especially can gain immense benefits from printing posters. But googling ‘poster printing near me’ isn’t always going to guarantee you get a quality print. Even if it’s from a qualified and proven […]

Designing Stickers That Stick To A Message

Sticker Printing to Get Your Message Across! Given our era of high-tech gadgets and distractions it’s easy to see why the attention span of the average person is very short and limited.  Knowing this it is smart to design your order of stickers or labels by keeping the message short and eye-catchingly to the point. […]

Standard Brochures Design & Layout

Marketing campaigns that need to convey a heavy amount of information typically rely on brochures as the marketing tool to do so.  The layout of a brochures offer some versatility in that they can be used to display menus for restaurants or contain a listing of different products and services your business may offer.  They […]

How Same-Day Sticker Printing Works

Stickers are a great way to help boost your business or personal brand. They can be used to distribute your logo in a fun and unique way. You can display your art and sell them at conventions and events. Custom stickers can even be used to decorate school or work projects. No matter what you […]

Essential Print Materials For E-commerce

Print Materials For E-commerce Online shopping offers customers convenience.  Many businesses do more transactions online than they do within their brick-and-mortar locations.   The savvy entrepreneur knows the importance of adapting to change as new trends develop.  That is why most business owners focus a lot of their efforts on their online shop and branding. Opening […]

Guru Printers Guide To Designing Window Clings

To bring in foot traffic into any brick-and-mortar store you need to capture the attention of potential customers.  Printing customized window clings and placing them in the right place will ensure your storefront will catch eyes.  Here is Guru Printer’s guide to making your window clings. Have Your Custom Window Clings Designed By A Professional. For […]

Guru Printer’s Tips For Custom Posters

A great design or visual concept can be really brought to light when posters are printed professionally. When creating custom poster it is crucial to have the proper resolution, color scheme, and format. Whether your are looking to create a movie poster, event poster, concert poster or graphic design poster, we have the right tips […]

Save the Date Magnets and Other Printing Ideas to Make Your Wedding Pop

You want your wedding to be perfectly tailored to your love story. With specialized printing services, you can personalize your day with a unique touch of charm. Everything from save the date magnets to announcement banners can help you achieve your dream wedding. By getting custom printed materials for your wedding, you get to personalize […]

Guru Printer’s Roll Label Materials

Roll Label Materials At Guru Printers we offer a wide variety of sticker and label printing.  For our more discerning customers who want a touch of elegance and sophistication we offer roll label materials that have unique textures and finishes for that undeniable look.  Roll Labels are very versatile and  can be used in a variety […]

How To Use Stickers & Roll Labels

Stickers and Roll Labels can be essential marketing materials that can help elevate your business through brand visibility.  At Guru Printers we’ve provided a guide for how Stickers and Roll Labels can highlight the products you are showcasing all while raising brand awareness.    Stickers and Branding When it comes to stickers the equation is quite simple: A great logo […]