To bring in foot traffic into any brick-and-mortar store you need to capture the attention of potential customers.  Printing customized window clings and placing them in the right place will ensure your storefront will catch eyes.  Here is Guru Printer’s guide to making your window clings.

Window Clings

Have Your Custom Window Clings Designed By A Professional.

For best results we recommend that you seek out the services of an experienced graphic designer.  Typically, our clients present their designers with the information they want to include on their window cling and maybe a rough sketch of the layout.  A good designer should be able to take it from there and deliver you a file in no time.

Placement & Location of Window Clings 

For those wanting to use their custom window clings outdoors we recommend strategic placement.  One main thing to consider when placing window clings on surfaces is to make sure that it’s a spot that doesn’t receive too much sun glare.  Too much glare bouncing off your window cling affect visibility and delivering your message to your target audience.  If possible try to keep your window cling away from direct sunlight for best visibility.

Position your window cling which is essentially an advertisement in the best advantageous space possible.  This is you presenting your brand so make sure you have optimum visibility with as little obstruction as possible.

Just as importantly, make sure you allow for enough empty space on your store front windows to allow customers to be able to see inside your store.  Avoid a cluttered store front look by placing your custom window clings strategically.

Make Use Of Transparency and Color

One of the advantages of window clings is their transparency which allows for viewers to see through the material and into your store.  Using a bolder color template instead of lighter colors will ensure your window cling is eye-catching.

Keep in mind the opacity and transparency of the vinyl stock (thickness) which comprises a window cling.  You want just the right amount of transparency to allow for customers to still see through your windows and into your store.

*Contact one of our local printing associates today for help with your custom window clings.