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Guru Printers Teams Up with The Toxic Avenger for Custom Printing Fun

Earlier this week, Guru Printers teamed up with the creative team behind the new Toxic Avenger movie to help support the excitement of their worldwide premiere. Every great hero needs a mask, and with our custom printing expertise, the audience themselves became heroes. Premiering at Drafthouse LA, The Toxic Avenger delighted viewers with custom-printed face […]

Why Los Angeles Pamphlet Printing Is So Popular

When running a business, you’re always looking for ways to help promote yourself and improve relations with clients. And with Los Angeles pamphlet printing, you have an affordable and easy way to do just that. Pamphlets have long served businesses in any industry, helping them showcase information and products in an easy-to-digest manner. And now […]

What a Los Angeles Catalog Printing Company Does for You

Many different industries rely on catalogs to help boost their businesses. With Los Angeles catalog printing, a world of opportunity opens up to your company. Catalogs can be used to display new products, show off services and experiences, or even portfolio your artwork. As long as you have the right design and the right printing […]

How Los Angeles Booklet Printing Helps Your Business

Running a business takes a lot of work, and if you aren’t promoting your goods or services properly, it can feel like work wasted. With Los Angeles booklet printing, you can quickly and easily distribute a lot of information to a lot of people. Whether you’re sending booklets out to your mailing list, handing them […]

Can Brochure Printing Help Your Company?

Brochures can be used in any industry for any need. They are a versatile and useful marketing tool that helps your company grow and expand. With high-quality brochure printing in Los Angeles, your business has the resources needed to reach its full potential. There are many ways brochures can boost your company and help you […]