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5 Benefits of White Plastic Business Cards

Upgrading a business card from to time is essential for company owners and entrepreneurs. Although you can choose from a wide range of business cards, a white plastic business card is trending nowadays, thanks to its durability, reliability, aesthetical appeal, and cost-effectiveness. A reputable printing service uses durable 20pt plastic material to print the white […]

Poster Printing & Marketing

Poster Printing Services & Marketing Materials As your top source for poster printing in Los Angeles, we at Guru Printers know that most of our customers want the best deal for their budget whether they are printing a short run or in bulk.  So we’ve put together some tips on how to make the most […]

A Guide For Business Card Design & Printing

Proper proofing before going to print can ensure that your business card design is at it’s best. To ensure a perfect transition from your initial design idea to print requires careful attention to details along the way. We at Guru Printers have put together a guide to help you prepare your designs and order your […]

Catalog, Booklet & pamphlet printing tips

Catalog, Booklet & pamphlet printing As your expert source for catalog printing and booklet printing in Los Angeles we at Guru Printers have put together a guide for you next batch of booklets, product catalogs, or programs. To ensure your catalog or booklet design file meets standard requirements before printing read through our pre-printing checklist […]

Cheap Posters Don’t Have to Mean Cheap Quality

Posters are a great way to promote your business or personal brand. Many companies have seen tremendous growth through the use of posters. But there’s a stigma around promotional material, especially printed materials. Many believe that to get high-quality posters, you need to pay exorbitant prices. This is not true. If you want cheap poster […]

Catalog Printing in Los Angeles – Local Printing Services

The benefit of printing catalogs Printing catalogs can offer your brand and business marketing advantages that other marketing material can’t in part due to their layout which allows for much more content to get your message across. The durability of a catalog or booklet also lends itself to long use way after printing. Catalogs resemble […]

We offer a range of business cards and shapes!

The traditional rectangular business card is a long lasting staple within the real of printed business and marketing material. However, we at Guru Printers want to present you with a wider range of options for you next batch of business card printing.  Specialty shaped business cards are nearly guaranteed to leave an impression. Ever brand […]

How to choose the right booklet printing service

Large businesses and some smaller operations alike use booklets as a unique marketing tool to set them apart.  Selecting the perfect booklet design to complement your brand and aesthetic can be a bit more challenging in comparison to other marketing material like posters or flyers.  As your top choice for booklet printing in Los Angeles […]

Same Day Sticker Printing Tips

As your go to glossy sticker printing company, Guru Printers makes same day sticker printing company easy for those customers who need their job rushed. For out clients who are in a hurry we’ve provided a thorough list of tips to ensure your stickers make an impression. We want to make certain that your ordered […]

Where to Get Printing Services in Los Angeles

Printed materials are fantastic for helping businesses and personal brands expand. They make for ideal marketing and promotional material and can even be used for storage and organization. Los Angeles printing services are easy to find, but making sure you find the right one is paramount in helping your business grow. Knowing where to get […]

Hang Tag Design tips

Silk Hang Tag Design tips 1.) Keep it simple and stick with tag. Hang Tag Printing. Having more than one hang tags on your product can be excessive. At most two hang tags are recommended for cases which require them.  A good example would be for clothing products in which your brand may want to […]

Guru Printer’s Vinyl Banner Design Tips

Large format prints like vinyl banners or a 8 ft banner are some of our most popular products . Whether you want to use a vinyl banner for a promotional event, trade show, or outdoor/indoor signage, we’ve got you covered. The durability of vinyl banners or indoor vinyl is a large reason behind their popularity […]

Door hanging printers guide for real estate agents

Door hanging printers guide for real estate agents If you’re a real estate agent or broker then targeted neighborhood marketing is a major way for you to grow your business.  Door hangers are an excellent option for those who want their marketing material to be as unique as their real estate practice.  Whereas postcards, flyers […]

Preparing your image file for print

Preparing your image file for print. At Guru Printers we offer a project review service that covers various technical issues to ensure you make the most out of your printed material. It’s assuring to know that printing services can double check your files to make sure everything is intact.  Here are our tips to get your image […]

How to Choose the Right LA Printers for Your Job

Getting printed materials is easy these days. You can create a design yourself or hire someone to make one for you. Everything from business cards to flyers to large vinyl banners can be made up and printed for your company. But it’s important to make sure that the printer you choose to hire is the […]

DIY vs. Professional Photo Printing

DIY vs. Professional Photo Printing Everyone loves seeing their photos printed in premium quality and hanging on the wall in their living room, bedroom, or lounge. Printed photos are an excellent way to improve your interior décor and preserve memories for a prolonged period. In addition, printed photos create inspiration because they enhance your mood […]