Silk Hang Tag Design tips

1.) Keep it simple and stick with tag. Hang Tag Printing.

Having more than one hang tags on your product can be excessive. At most two hang tags are recommended for cases which require them.  A good example would be for clothing products in which your brand may want to include a manufacturing silk tags as well as product origin/description tag.  In most cases however one hang tag  is enough to give your product a professional look while also serving it’s purpose of informing the customer.

2.) Inform with design.

Spot UV Hang tags are great marketing tools but they are also used to educate the consumer. When creating your custom hang tag try to include information like care instructions, product specs and your website.  Such information accompanied by a well designed logo can speak volumes about your brand.

3.) Simple design

Keep your design simple.  Describe only the crucial details about your product that help set it apart and highlight it’s features. Too much information on a hang tag can really distract from your product and your message.

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