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Copy Services Los Angeles – Color or B&W

Copy Services Los Angeles – Color or B&W


Color Copies

Black & White Copies

Color Copy Specifications:

  • Sizes: 8.5 x 11 | 11 x 17 
  • Print Type: Non Bleed 
  • Paper Type: 20#
  • Turnaround: 1-2 Business Days | Next Day | Same Day
  • Minimum Order: 50 Prints 
 B&W Copy Specifications:

  • Sizes: 8.5 x 11 | 11 x 17 
  • Print Type: Non Bleed 
  • Paper Type: 20#
  • Turnaround: 1-2 Business Days | Next Day | Same Day
  • Minimum Order: 50 Prints 

Contact us for Copy Services Los Angeles.

Rework your business strategy and use the magic of color copies to your advantage.

The use of color for business promotions, presentations and displays is the best way to grab your audience’s attention.

Though the use of color copies is more expensive, there are many advantages and benefits of using color as part of your business strategy. For example, color copies are more memorable and a great way to highlight key items in your publications and presentations. Use copy services Los Angeles for your advertising needs.

Local Copy Services.

Harris Interactive conducted a survey of more than 2,000 printer users across the country. Their discovery was that color is the best way to add value to a business and increase the bottom line. Because of these findings, businesses have been using printouts as part of presentations, promotional mailers, fliers, training materials, sales brochures and anything else needed to conduct daily business tasks.

In our busy world, you need every advantage you can get and first impressions mean more than they ever have in the past. Color enhances your image, appears more professional and sets your business apart from your competitors. Thus, giving you the advantage you need to stay competitive in today’s business market.

Advertise with your copies.

There are many different ways to use color to your advantage. How you choose to use it depends upon what type of image you want to present. Full color is more costly, but is vibrant and draws your reader in, enticing them to want to see more. Other ways to use color is to selectively place different aspects of color throughout your printed materials.

For example, in a presentation only use color on graphs, photographs and select quotes you want your audience to focus on and remember.

Color can also be used to guide your reader from one part of your copy to the next focus point. Color is a way to bring your business to the front of everyone’s mind and keep your business strategy current with your competitors. Test some color copies out and see which strategy works best for your business – full or partial.

You may find a mix of both work best depending upon what you are printing.

Cheap Color Copies Los Angeles Services

A growing body of research evidence shows that vision is the most powerful human sense. People usually rely more on their sense of color to make decisions, especially purchasing a product or service.

Therefore, color copies are an excellent way to grab your employees, stakeholders, and customers’ attention. Unlike other forms of marketing, such as black-&-white copies, color copies can increase your brand identity.

It also boosts your business recognition and improves your business’s overall bottom line. Today’s article will highlight the benefits of color copies for your company, tell the difference between DIY and professional printing, and discuss other essential details. Read on!

Benefits of Color Copies for Your Business

Numerous marketing reports and studies highlight those prospective and existing customers understand a business message efficiently and quickly using color copies compared to marketing your products or services via black-&-white documents. Let us delve into details.

Grab’s Customer Attention

Consumers say they are more likely to attract to a piece of colorful mail than one with a single color. Prospective and existing customers prefer printed materials in color, increasing the likelihood of reading the material.

Color copies can grab consumers’ attention, whether you use flyers, brochures, door hangers, or any other marketing material to get across your business message. Guru Printers has been in the business for years, innovating consistently in color copies for marketing materials.

Boost Sales and ROIs

Color copies of your marketing materials can save money and streamline your business strategy, boosting the sales volume. The color application of your market materials can increase sales by 80%.

So, instead of using black-&-white copies to save money, the researchers at Loyola College recommend color copies to boost your sales and returns on investments. Guru Printers has installed the latest machines to print color copies based on your requirements. We do not compromise on color quality.

Improve Brand Reputation

When you choose a unique color or multiple colors to represent your brand, you can leverage those colors and print copies of marketing materials. You can send the printed materials to your customers and promote your brand.

According to Guru Printers, choosing the right colors for your brand and maintaining consistency are vital for your brand. According to the U.S Postal Service, use colors that represent your company, logo, and other brand elements throughout your printed materials.

The same is true for color copies. When customers see your brand elements, including your logo, in full color, they become more familiar with your business and seek information about your company, products, or services. Bear in mind that brand reputation is directly proportional to increased sales and boosted revenues.

Color Copies at Home Vs. a Professional Printer

Although you can use a desktop printer or copy machine to produce color copies of your office documents or marketing materials, finding and hiring a professional printing service is always better to avoid hassle and achieve your goals.

Although home desktop printers can save you money, you may not promote your business due to low-quality color copies. At the same time, you may run out of ink cartridges when you most need the printer.

Moreover, desktop printers require regular maintenance to perform at their peak, particularly if you have an inkjet printer. So, this can cost you more money buying ink for your printer.

Sometimes, print-heads clog and compromise the printer’s functionality. You can’t maintain the same paper quality all the time. Paper also gets damaged due to humidity and moisture.

Furthermore, a desktop printer may not simultaneously produce hundreds of color copies, wasting your time and effort. On the other hand, a professional printing service can help you avoid hassle and streamline your printing project.

Best Paper Materials for Cheap Color Copies

20lbs is the standard paper for color copies of forms, flyers, and brochures. Although most companies use this paper, it is inconvenient for double-sided printing because it is see-through.

24lbs is a thicker paper with less see-through, making it an ideal choice for front and back color copies. 28lbs is another paper option and ideal for colored copies of user manuals, workbooks, and other business materials.

80lbs gloss paper is a premium-quality material for color copies with a smooth ceramic finish to ensure text, graphics, images, and colors appear more vivid, vibrant, and realistic. So, you won’t differentiate between the original and the copy.

Guru Printers use the highest-quality paper for color copies because our professional team believes that colors add vibrancy to your printed materials. We produce color copies that pop your brand message and increase customer loyalty, motivation, and retention.

Moreover, color copies give your target audience a memorable message that improves brand identity and recognition. We have the latest machines that can produce thousands of copies within minutes.

Final Words

hether you order original printing or color copies of your business or marketing materials, you can rely on Guru Printers for professionalism, quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We do not differentiate between original prints and color copies because each project is special for our experienced team.

Still, our color copies services are more affordable than other companies. We have earned a reputation in the LA printing market for a reason, i.e., high-quality and affordability. Contact us today for more information on color copies and relevant services. Until Next Time!

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