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Tension Fabric Exhibition Stands:

Tension Fabric Stand Material: 

  • 8.8 oz Stretch Tension Fabric

Package includes:

  • Tube frame
  • Base plate
  • Single or double-sided tension fabric print.
  • Canvas carrying bag

Tension Fabric Exhibition Stands are great for indoor advertising. The tube hardware is light and east to setup, no tools are necessary. Once the stand has been setup, simply slip on the fabric like a “pillow case” and zip to close the fabric and then your tension fabric setup is complete. We print your graphic in full color and tension stands can be printed double sided or single sided. The heavy base plate creates a heavy base and this stand comes with a canvas carrying case for easy transport.

Products Description:

Tension Fabric Display Stand:

This is the latest display technology which allows for the best in functionality and look. Fabric banner stands are sleek and modern are simple to setup in a trade show or event. Guru Printers offers 2 sizes of tension fabric signs and both are clean and modern in style. This item is extremely portable and great for travel. Our stands come with a carrying case and can be transported and set up quickly. Fabric banner stands can also be washed, ironed and steamed or can be put away by rolling it for storage. They are not glossy or have any sheen so your customers and clients will see the fabric banner great from any direction or distance.

Tension Fabric Exhibition stands also come with lights to allow for better viewing in dimly lit spaces. Capture your client’s attention with this full color display.

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