Portable, customizable retractable banner stands have many different uses.  For example, you can use them at trade shows or events. Moreover, use the stands for either announcements or directions. The possibilities are endless. Wherever and whenever you need a small-to-medium sized banner that can be used again and again, a retractable banner stand is the way to go. Let’s talk about some of the great advantages they offer.

They’re Customizable

If you have your own design, company logo, or even directions you would like printed on a retractable banner stand, Guru Printers can help.  We will even help you design your banner if need be.  Bring us your ideas, pictures, and any other design thoughts you have, and we will print it for you.  Unique, customized banners are fantastic for capturing attention at a trade show or other event.

Easy Setup

Additionally, if you need banners for a booth or display, you need something with easy setup. Whether you choose a Tabletop Retractable Banner with Stand or a Wide Retractable Banner, all of our retractable banner stands are very easy to assemble and adjust.  Available in a variety of sizes, easy setup gives you one less thing to worry about!

They’re Portable

Guru Printers offers banners that easily retract back into a sturdy base.  The banner is easily retracted back into the base.  The base is sturdy and makes for easy storage in inside the anodized aluminum casing that fits easily into the included carrying case with handle.  This is the perfect choice for traveling or for banners that will be used in different places and at different times.

They’re Affordable

 With prices starting at just $44.99 for the Tabletop Retractable Banner with Stand to the Wide Retractable Banner for $218.00, we offer several different sizes and economical pricing.  Investing in a retractable banner stand that can be used over and over may increase your ROI ten-fold.  You simply cannot beat our pricing for such a valuable product.

They Capture Attention

Studies have shown that the average trade show attendee looks at a banner for six seconds.  Make your six seconds count!  Keep your banner design minimal, with clean lines, and make sure your company name stands out.  If someone wants to remember to get back to your booth later, they need a name to remember.  Every trade show banner should include these five items:

  • Visual
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Company name & Logo
  • Website

Remember, less is more when someone is spending only six seconds looking at your retractable banner stand at a packed trade show.

If using your retractable banner stand at an event such as a seminar held at a conference center, make it unique but simple.  People will want to be able to find you, but they will also remember that retractable banner stand that helped them do so!

We’re Here to Help

Regardless of the reason(s) you need a retractable banner stand, at Guru Printers, we are here to help you.  If you design it yourself, we will gladly print it.  If you need help with the design, we are more than happy to help with that as well.  We will even help you design your retractable banner stand around your trade show booth if necessary!  How’s that for customer service?!

The advantages of retractable banner stands make them one of the most widely-used signage products for good reason – they’re customizable, efficient, and effective. Call Guru Printers at (213) 612-4451 (Downtown) or (213) 935-8657 (Arts District) for all of your printing needs.