Marketers use brochures to highlight their company’s products and services.  Organizations and business alike use the power of this foldable sheet brochure to convey information to their targeted audience.  With a perfect blend of text and images, companies use brochures to relay a bulk of information about the value of their services and goods. 

Given the commonplace nature of brochures it is very easy to see why they’re so popular and affective.  But there are alternative ways in which a brochure can be used and here at Guru Printers we’ve compiled a list of unconventional and unique ways you can use a brochure. 

  1.   Restaurant Menus

The foldable and multi panel layout of a brochure makes it an ideal format for restaurant and takeout menus.  They are easily portable for customers on the go who may want to pin the restaurant brochure to their refrigerator at home for quick referencing. 

At Guru Printers we offer various fold layouts for your brochure such as Bi-fold, Tri-fold & Roll Folds. These layouts make for easy viewing by your customers.

Beyond the format of standard size we also offer 8.5″ x 14″ and 11″ x 17 brochure sizes should you decide you need something bigger.  If you decide to go smaller than standard size for a more pocket sized brochure it is best to ensure your font sizes are big enough to make them easily readable on a smaller sized brochure. 

  1. Invitation Brochures

Invitation brochures are ideal for personal and special business events. The single sheet multifold layout is not only easy to view but also allows you to relay detailed information about your event with images and text.

We recommend either a bi-fold or tri-fold layout for invitation brochures but any other layout may work just as fine depending on how creative you want to get and your specific needs.  As for sizing we recommend a more compact 8.5” x 5.5” or 8.5” x 11″ which is standard invitation sizing.

  1. Business Presentation Brochures

Whether at a trade show, conference or at your brick and mortar location nothing makes a lasting impression as a well organized business presentation on a brochure.

A well designed brochure used in your presentation package is sure to garner interest while conveying vital information about your brand. Larger businesses may use presentation brochures to catalog their services and products.  Business presentation brochures make for great marketing and informative material at orientations and business meetings. 

A well-organized business presentation printed on brochure can really translate into leads when met by the eyes of potential clients whether at a trade show or in a mail out campaign. 

  1. Brochures as Maps:

Most maps are traditionally printed as brochures. The large multifold layout of the brochures allows it to convey detailed information on the map you choose to showcase.  Their foldable layout also makes it easy for patrons to carry around for quick referencing.