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Guru Printers Postcards Marketing Tips

Guru Printers Postcards Marketing Tips Using postcards as a marketing tool can be a unique way to raise brand awareness, bring in customers through your door and increase sales. Premium printing services for the Los Angeles area. The more obvious and conventional things to include on your postcard are your business logo, details on your […]

How to Get Custom Business Cards Fast

Custom business cards are a great way to promote yourself and boost your business. When given away at the right opportunity, you can successfully grow your brand. Getting custom business cards fast in Los Angeles is easy, as long as you have all your files in order and your design figured out. If you want […]

Clear plastic labels and vinyl label printing options

Clear plastic labels and vinyl label printing options Nothing helps establish your brand more effectively than label printing for your products.  High-quality labels leave a lasting impression by highlighting your logo and company name. You can use them for displaying on your products in store and for mail outs on a variety of packaging like […]

What to Look for When You Need Retractable Banner Printing

What to Look for When You Need Retractable Banner Printing If you have been involved with presentations or trade events, you understand the importance of the materials you use as part of your display. These are the tools of your trade. They are the eye-catchers, the things people first notice that lead them to stop […]

Adhesive Vinyl Stickers & Bumper Stickers

Adhesive Vinyl Stickers & Bumper Sticker Printing Services  At Guru Printers many of our clients request vinyl bumper stickers or vinyl decal printing to showcase their eye-catching designs and brand identity.  Our vinyl material which we print our decals and stickers on is durable and waterproof which is why they are some of the most […]

Essential Printed Marketing Tools

A business card is an essential marketing tool that is often the first impression people get about your business through interactions and networking. Done right, a business card can hold attention just as much as any other marketing tool. The right first impression may lead to new loyal customer, next sale, pitch or partnership.  From […]

Design Guide for Booklet Printing in Los Angeles

Booklets are a great way to help boost your business or promote your personal brand. Booklets can be filled with writing and art. They can also be filled with information about your company and given away at events and conferences. Booklet printing in Los Angeles is easy and cost-effective. There’s no reason you can’t use […]

What to Look for in Great Popup Retractable Banners

What to Look for in Great Popup Retractable Banners Providing a material that catches the attention of potential customers is one of the most important parts of developing any kind of marketing or add strategy. It does not do you any good to have great products if no one ever finds out about them. It […]

Find a Great Bumper Sticker Maker to Improve Your Business’ Success

Find a Great Bumper Sticker Maker to Improve Your Business’ Success If you are the owner of a business, you likely have spent a sizable amount of money on advertising and marketing to attract customers to your organization. Whether through the Internet, advertising, or some other means, finding the right hook to get customers to […]

The right banner for your business

The right banner printing service for your business Banners are one of the best options for an eye-catching way to promote your business.  The right banner will garner attention from afar enticing foot traffic while showcasing your brand identity. At Guru Printers we pride on ourselves on being your go to banner printers.  Here are […]

Places to Display Vinyl Banners in Los Angeles

Using vinyl banners for your company is a great way to boost marketing potential and help organize your business. Vinyl banners made in Los Angeles can hang anywhere. You can use them in your store/office and storage units to help keep you and your employees organized. Hanging banners in outdoor locations can help attract attention […]

Marketing & branding for trade shows & outdoor events

Marketing & branding for trade shows & outdoor events Trade shows, conventions and outdoor events, are places for networking, making connections, and attracting new clientele while promoting your business. That is why visibility is of utmost importance. Event marketing materials, like banners and signage attract attention while your promotional materials, like brochures and flyers give […]

Stick To Your Message With Bumper Stickers & Labels 

Stick To Your Message With Bumper Stickers & Labels  Stickers & Labels  Labels and stickers are great versatile and cost-effective marketing materials.  They can be used on your retail packaging and mailed packages, as well as a variety of products your business may carry.  They’re also great promotional materials which foster memorable branding that caters to […]

Guru Printers Tips For Making Stickers and Labels

Guru Printers Tips For Making Stickers and Labels Before you order Stickers and Labels here are some of friendly design tips and factor for you to consider. Pick A High Resolution Image Make sure that your source files are 300 DPI or better to ensure that your stickers or labels can be easily read up close. Starting with […]

Bumper Stickers Los Angeles

Quality Bumper Stickers Printed Locally The best marketing materials help businesses and brands make an impression that ultimately results in their growth while staying within budget. Bumper stickers are a low cost solution to add to your promotional kit. Bumper stickers can be printed in high quantities and very low cost in comparison to other marketing […]

Are Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles Worth It?

Die-cut stickers are a great way to customize your sticker options and provide more options for your brand or company. But are they really worth the extra design time and money? Whether or not you choose to invest in die-cut stickers in the Los Angeles area will depend on your specific needs. In most cases, […]