Marketing & branding for trade shows & outdoor events

Marketing Materials

Trade shows, conventions and outdoor events, are places for networking, making connections, and attracting new clientele while promoting your business. That is why visibility is of utmost importance. Event marketing materials, like banners and signage attract attention while your promotional materials, like brochures and flyers give you a further edge over the competition. Here are Guru Printer’s tips to help you in your next trade show, convention, or outdoor event.

  1. Visibility from a distance. Custom Printing Services from Guru Printers

You want to attract customers to your stand with eye-catching banners, posters or signage. If opting for large banners keep your design simple yet bold for optimum visibility.  In most cases is your name and logo should be enough to garner attention to your banner. The right design as it pertains to color and font is crucial to the design of your banner. With so many booths and stands at trade shows or outdoor events, you will be competing for attention so it’s best to ensure your stand out with your message in a eye-catching and easily decipherable signage.

  1. Consistency in branding

Consistency in branding and how you represent your business through your marketing and promotional materials are key steps in creating a memorable brand.  Uniformity of design as it pertains to your logo, fonts, colors, and templates throughout your marketing materials is crucial to being consistent. Furthermore, a branded banner and table runner should thematically resemble your other promotional material such as a branded tote bags, mugs or T-shirts. This is also true for your business cards, brochures, and flyers.  Customers and potential future clientele will walk away from your booth or stand with a clear image and message regarding your business.

Posting flyers that include the details of your services and products at the entrance booth for then trade show or outdoor event can also help bring customers to your stand boosting visibility.

  1. Brand your merchandise and packaging

Extending your brand’s visual aesthetic to your product packaging is that last step in making a lasting impression on your customers.  Well-designed labels and stickers that are visually consistent with your other marketing make your business look professional as well as making a memorable impression long after customers have left your booth.  Sticking your labels or stickers onto your packaging seals the deal.  To help customers keep you in mind further include your business cards or brochures within the packaging so that they will always have the details of your products, services and contact info handy.

The toolkit  

  1. Quality Custom Business cards. Remind your customers about your business by including these.
  2. Custom Mugs Los Angeles. A mug with your logo makes for a great promotional item.
  3. Grommet banner Printing. Create an eye-catching large banner to attract customers to your stand.
  4. Sheet sticker Printing. Make your impression stick by putting labels and sticker on all your packaging.
  5. Sticker singles. Include these within your packaging as a fun promotional item.
  6. Print Flyers Locally. Place these at trade show or outdoor event entrances and bulletin boards to help customers locate your booth