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Where do I Plug in this Printer? 3D

If you are reading this article, you have undoubtedly heard about 3D printing. You may not know about the nuances of printing in 3D but you may have some aspirations to getting a project of yours printed in 3D. 3D printing has rapidly become a mainstream technology for everybody from the home and DIY hobbyist […]

3D Printing NOW!

3D printing has many applications from home and learning use through to high end science and medical development. 3D printed medical devices and prostheses have already been used in humans and it won’t be long until your dentist implants your new tooth that was printed in the room next door in the clinic. In fact […]

Our new 3D Printer

My Local Print Store has a New Toy Have a careful look in your local printing store next time you go in to have your business cards printed. There is very likely to be a shiny new, fairly large piece of equipment next to the photocopier. That is their 3D printer. 3D printing has moved […]