My Local Print Store has a New Toy
Have a careful look in your local printing store next time you go in to have your business cards printed. There is very likely to be a shiny new, fairly large piece of equipment next to the photocopier. That is their 3D printer. 3D printing has moved into your neighbourhood and is no longer just the domain of large engineering firms.
3D printing is now available to everybody. Next time you are in Los Angeles pop into Guru Printers. They now have a colour 3D printer ready to print off your new project in vibrant colour. 3D printing is now a relatively cheap endeavour for everybody who has an imagination and wants an object printed that can be held, turned around and upside down and is tough enough to withstand most clumsy hands.
Local print stores have diversified their capabilities with 3D printers. These printers are able to print quickly, accurately and in full colour so you are able to design almost anything you want and have it sitting in your home a day or two later. You can have your own individually designed (by you) crockery and cutlery, figurines, sculptures and, well, anything that can be visualised in three dimensions.
3D printing may even have applications in your business. Perhaps you have designed a new product and need a prototype and mock-up. Instead of partnering with a manufacturer or an engineering firm, your prototype is literally down the road. Costs are minimised and you don’t have to worry about materials as the printers use anything from metal and metal alloys, nylon and plastics. Depending on what use your product is for, the various materials stand up to heavy use, drilling, sanding and high temperatures. 3D printing is also cost effective enough for one off prints thus allowing for iterative improvement or redesigns.
If you are familiar with 3D design software, then you really have no excuse and even if you aren’t familiar with the software, then there is similarly, no excuse. Most print shops with 3D printers, including Guru Printers, have experts that will help you in converting your imagination into a digital file that can be printed. Even colours can be added to your design. Guru Printers allows for selection from 24 different colours which are printed directly as your creation builds up layer by layer.
This state of the art technology is now within your reach and it is almost as simple as having your photos printed. The only limit is your imagination and enthusiasm to sit down and think and design. Imagine sitting down for dinner with friends eating off plates that nobody else has because you designed them and had them made yourself while wearing a ring that is a one off only.
That new toy next to the photocopier at the local print store – why don’t you go and have a chat with the staff and see what it can do for you. Guru Printers will be happy to help and are sure you will walk away smiling.