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Hire Postcard Printing Service to Boost Your Marketing Outcomes

Hire Postcard Printing Service to Boost Your Marketing Outcomes Postcards are an excellent and effective method to acquire and retain customers, leading to increased sales and higher returns on investments (ROIs). Guru Printers is a reputable company in Los Angeles, California, with a mission to deliver high-quality printed products to business owners. Postcard marketing allows […]

How to tailor your business card to your company and expertise.

How to tailor your business card to your company and expertise. One key question to ask in creating your business card is how it will convey your profession, the industry you work in and your expertise in a clear and concise manner.  Below we’ve listed some examples of different professions and how the design of […]

Business card design tips

Business card design tips Your business card can be the first representative symbol for your business no matter the size of your company.  Current clients and prospective customers first encounter with your brand is often via business cards and it’s up to you to make that point of contact impactful.  A well-designed business card serves […]

Business Card Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines At Guru Printers we’ve got a variety of templates you can choose from to create your business card.  You can also upload your own designs as well.  Here are some important guidelines to help you. The following measurements are for standard business cards. Rounded corner or square cards, have similar bleed and safe […]

Quality Print Shop in Los Angeles

Quality Print Shop in Los Angeles Are you looking for a print shop in Los Angeles that offers quality, reliable, and affordable services? If yes, you are in the right place. Amateur printing services come with numerous complications, causing a lot of inconvenience for individuals and businesses. These complications include low-quality design, unavailability of premium […]

Guide to Using Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles for Promotion

Getting die-cut stickers in Los Angeles is easy and quick. However, knowing what to do with those stickers can be a different story. Companies and private brands worldwide are using stickers as a way to help promote their brands. But utilizing die-cut stickers isn’t always as easy as just printing your logo and handing them […]

Save The Date Printing in LA 

Save The Date Printing in LA  An engagement, wedding, or baby shower is an important event for everyone in LA. Whether you are preparing for your wedding or the new addition to your family, it is crucial to share this special time with your loved ones, including family members, friends, colleagues, etc. However, an engagement, […]

An Essential Guide to Quality Booklet Printing

Printed booklets offered by Guru Printers remain the most popular and much-needed marketing method to promote your business, event, products, and services even in today’s digital era. Consumers are more willing to read a printed booklet than spend time reading digital content. People can read printed booklets anywhere and at any time of the day […]

Cheap Invitation Printing in LA

Cheap Invitation Printing in LA Creating the first impression on your guests is directly proportional to your event’s success. You won’t get a second chance to make a great impression when planning your event. If your invitation card does not grab your guests’ attention, they will have low expectations, causing severe complications. With cheap invitation […]

Advantages of Wedding Invitation Printing in LA

Wedding invitations are an excellent way to set the tone for your special event. Most people’s priority is to create premium-quality invitation prints with beautiful designs to capture everyone’s attention. Wedding invitations are the first impressions of your special day your loved ones, including family members and friends, will receive. Because a wedding is a […]

Best Uses for Vinyl Banners in Los Angeles

Getting vinyl banners in Los Angeles is a quick and effective way to help boost your company. Vinyl banners are an excellent source of information and branding that can organize your office or store. They can also help you stand out in crowds and conventions. They can even attract more foot traffic from the street. […]

Perfect Presentation Kits Give You An Edge

Perfect Presentation Kits Give You An Edge Maybe you’ve printed a few PDF documents and prepared a power point presentation for an important meeting.  Yet there’s one key you still need in order to leave a lasting impression.  Welcome to the wonders of presentation kits!  Let Guru Printers assist you in putting together your next […]

Postcard Printing Near Me: A Great Way to Grow Your Business

Postcard Printing Near Me If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, postcards are a great option. Postcards are a cost-effective and efficient way to reach new customers and promote your business. The postcard is a small, printed piece of paper that you can send to someone as an efficient way of communicating […]

How Custom Package Printing Can Benefit Your Business | Package Printing

If you are looking for a way to improve your business, custom package printing may be the answer. Custom packaging is specifically tailored to your company and the product your company is making and shipping. Printing logos can customize the boxes, patterns, shapes, pictures, or anything else the company wants to include on their custom […]

How to Find Cheap, Same-Day Business Cards in Los Angeles

Business cards are a staple for any business or store. They are a necessity at conferences, workshops, and other events. Having a business card means you can get your information and your company’s information into the hands of any interested party. Finding new clients and customers, potential business partners, and even advertisers is exponentially easier […]

QR Codes Help Your Business!

QR Codes for your Business Cards. A QR code or Quick Response Code are great ways to get customers to your desired page whether that be your online menu as a restaurant owner, your website as a real estate agent or your social media page as an artist.   Your customers simply scan the code with […]