Hire Postcard Printing Service to Boost Your Marketing Outcomes

Postcards are an excellent and effective method to acquire and retain customers, leading to increased sales and higher returns on investments (ROIs). Guru Printers is a reputable company in Los Angeles, California, with a mission to deliver high-quality printed products to business owners.

Postcard marketing allows business owners to choose from a wide selection of premium-quality designs and ensure the right look for their advertising campaign. Guru Printers’ postcard printing services come on superior-quality 14pt, 18pt, and 32pt cardstocks, allowing companies to make their marketing efforts memorable. Read on!

Postcard Printing Services

Premium Postcard Printing Services

Postcard printing services offered by Guru Printers, Los Angles, have helped hundreds of companies to drive traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores, business websites, and social media.

It is an excellent way to share your brand message with your target audience and turn prospects into loyal customers. Whether you run a promotional event at your physical store or online, postcards printed by Guru Printers’ professionals will spread the word and trust your business.

Although every business aggressively competes to stand out in the market by focusing on digital marketing, postcards allow companies to connect with people who can’t reach your business online. So, this is where Guru Printers come in, allowing companies to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. We offer:

14pt Natural Postcards

There are numerous ways to use postcards, such as wedding invitations, party invitations, and brand marketing. Whatever purpose of using postcards you have in mind, Guru Printers has covered you. We offer Natural card stock with recycled materials, making them reliable and eco-friendly options.

Guru Printers use quality designs and print 14pt natural postcards, depending on your needs to ensure your marketing campaign runs smoothly and generates better outcomes. 14pt Natural postcards offer a natural and light cream color with a classy, smooth finish.

14pt Uncoated Postcards

Guru Printers offer 14pt uncoated postcard printing, an excellent option for businesses looking for products that feel less stress with ideal thickness. Although uncoated postcards absorb ink and degrade a small degree of precision, Guru Printers ensure this does not happen using industrial-grade paper and quality printing machines.

18pt Kraft Standard Postcards

Hundreds of companies leverage the power of 18pt Kraft standard postcards for their marketing purposes. Guru Printers, LA, has a team of professionals who use paper composed of 30% recycled materials, providing a light, warm brown color with natural fibers and visible flecks.

The primary purpose we print Kraft Postcards is that they look natural with a smooth surface and add rustic appeal to your content. Therefore, Kraft postcards are an excellent product to promote your products and services.

32pt Black Triple Layer Postcards

32pt Black Triple Layer Postcards create a thick product, streamlining the printing process and improving content visibility on the front and back. Our professional team layers the front and back to a 14pt thick black card central core, resulting in a 32pt black triple-layered thick postcard. So, this offers incredible stiffness and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Glossy Coated Postcards

Do you want your postcards with a color detail? If yes, Guru Printers recommend glossy coated postcards for your marketing campaign, promotional events, product launch, or any other corporate endeavor.

Guru Printers use premium-quality glossy coated paper to print postcards, making them highly durable with a reduced likelihood of damage and tear. The gloss finish is an excellent way to improve the color, mainly if your postcard contains a headshot.

Matte Coated Postcards

Guru Printers offers matte-coated postcard printing services for businesses looking to achieve a subtle shine for a more professional look. We recommend matte postcards for business with a card focused on textual content. The matte finish printing allows high contrast between text and images, increasing the card’s readability. Other premium-quality postcard printing options we offer are:

  • Myriad Foil Postcards
  • Stamped Foil Postcards
  • Gloss Laminated Postcards
  • Matte w/Spot UV Postcards
  • 32pt Painted Edge Postcards
  • Linen Uncoated Postcards
  • Silk Laminated Postcards
  • Silk Laminated w/Spot UV Postcards
  • Velvet, Suede Laminated Postcards

Postcard Printing


Personalization is Key

Unlike amateur printing services in LA, Guru Printers provide companies with personalization options. You can choose the sizes, artwork, sides, quantity, weight, and other elements to make your card highly customized for your customers. Personalization makes a massive difference and encourages potential and existing customers to know more about your business.

Guru Printers offer premium-quality design templates in each postcard category to ensure you achieve better marketing outcomes. Besides, personalization makes your postcards highly readable and prevents the risk of being thrown away by customers.

Quality Postcards Bring Marketing Versatility

Quality and custom postcards printed by Guru Printers’ skilled professionals offer maximum versatility, allowing businesses to deliver the right message at the right time. For instance, small businesses can send prospective customers straight to their brick-and-mortar stores using quality postcards with content that suits customers’ needs.

Moreover, Guru Printers have a wide selection of templates to choose from, allowing you to add different elements, such as surveys and questionnaires. You can also add options like discounts and coupons to entice your customers. Our company in LA ensures that printed postcards provide more flexibility and versatility.


The bottom line of any business is cost-effectiveness, and higher ROIs generated from their marketing campaigns. Unlike other marketing tools, postcards cost less because this unique format enables you to send direct mail.

Other marketing materials, such as internal letters and pamphlets, require an outer envelope that can cost more money. Besides, Guru Printing offers affordable postcard printing services, allowing small businesses to leverage reasonable prices and streamline their marketing campaign.

Final Words

Guru Printers’ postcards have innovative designs with improved customization features, allowing business to engage their prospective and existing customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. Our company’s postcard printing services are cost-effective, reliable, and quality.

Whether you need standard quality or premium-quality postcards, Guru Printers is a one-stop LA shop. You can use our customization tool on our official website to customize your postcards to your brand and customers’ needs. Contact us today for more information.