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Elevate Your Brand with High-Quality Poster Printing

Promoting and growing your brand can be a challenge. But with high-quality poster printing, you can find new ways to elevate your brand and market yourself. Whether you’re trying to build up a small business or just promote your own art, having a strong brand is key. And posters have long been used to help […]

Why Professionals Choose Guru Printers for All Their Poster Printing Needs

In the professional world, there are plenty of ways you can boost your marketing and promotional efforts. Posters are a common tactic used by businesses across most industries. At Guru Printers, we offer high-quality poster printing that makes us the printer of choice for many professionals. If you’re looking to increase profits, expand your promotional […]

Unbeatable Deals: Why Guru Printers Offers the Best Value in Poster Printing

When it comes to running a small business or working on a personal creative project, you want to balance value and quality. At Guru Printers, we’re proud to offer the best value in poster printing that doesn’t sacrifice quality. With our streamlined printing services and in-house design options, we can provide unbeatable deals for your […]

The Art and Science Behind Guru Printers’ Quality Poster Printing

Posters have long been used as a way for businesses to market themselves, promote events, and decorate or organize their offices. Many personal and creative projects and unique gifts also use poster printing to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. But getting the highest-quality printing possible takes time and focus. From making sure your file is perfectly formatted […]

Why Guru Printers Is Your Go-To Destination for Premium Poster Printing

Marketing your business is crucial if you want to rise above the competition. But you can’t properly grow and expand without a promotional plan in place. At Guru Printers, we help you boost your business with high-quality poster printing services. Easy, affordable, and eye-catching, our posters provide a professional look whether they’re in a frame […]

Design Tips for Wheat Paste Posters

As populations and technologies continue to grow, it can be harder to get your message seen by others. It’s easy enough to scroll past an ad on a social media site. But it’s a lot harder to ignore a physical poster that you see on your daily commute or while you’re waiting in line in […]

Get the Most Out of Your Order with Bulk Poster Printing

Posters can be a wonderful way to promote your business, advertise your artwork, or market any event. But if you want to get the most out of your bulk poster printing, you need to make sure that everything is ready before you send the files to a printer. By taking the time now to set […]

Wheat Paste Posters: What You Need

Using posters for marketing and promotion is nothing new. But even as advances in new marketing techniques continue to rise, posters continue to be a leading method in advertising and campaigning. With the speed and wide-area coverage that wheat paste posters allow, anyone can get their message out quickly and efficiently. As long as you […]

How to Successfully Use Wheat Paste Posters

For generations, posters have been plastered all over cities to help with various campaigns. Everything from announcing music shows to running political ads has improved through hanging posters. But getting wheat paste posters to work isn’t as simple as other promotional methods. You need to make sure you have the right design, the right paper […]

Everything You Need to Know About Los Angeles Poster Printing

Posters can be a great way to market your company, promote your event, or help boost business sales. But getting a good poster printed takes some time and consideration. If you want to get high-quality Los Angeles poster printing, you need to make sure you plan ahead of time and find the best printer for […]

The Complete Guide to Poster Printing

Posters can be an excellent way to boost your business and improve your company’s bottom line. Getting high-quality posters printed is easier than ever with online poster printing options and expedited delivery. This detailed guide on poster printing will give you everything you need to know to design, print, and utilize gorgeous posters for your […]

Guru Printer’s Guide To Large Format Posters

Large Format Poster Printing At Guru Printers one of our more popular items for printing is the large format poster.  Our clients print their posters with us to serve different functions ranging from event promotion, aesthetically pleasing artwork, product promotion, or as informational tools. Our large format posters do not have minimum quantity requirements whereas […]

How to Find Quality Poster Printing

Posters can be a fantastic way to organize your storefront or add some extra style to your product line-up. Artists and art stores especially can gain immense benefits from printing posters. But googling ‘poster printing near me’ isn’t always going to guarantee you get a quality print. Even if it’s from a qualified and proven […]

Guru Printer’s Tips For Custom Posters

A great design or visual concept can be really brought to light when posters are printed professionally. When creating custom poster it is crucial to have the proper resolution, color scheme, and format. Whether your are looking to create a movie poster, event poster, concert poster or graphic design poster, we have the right tips […]

Guru Printers Poster Printing Tips

Tips For Printing Posters At Guru Printers we’ve created a poster printing guide to ensure your large-format prints are spectacular. Guru’s Guide For Printing Large Posters Start With High Resolution Images for your posters. As with any large format printing it’s best to begin with high resolution images to ensure sharp images when printing to poster size. […]

Poster Printing & Marketing

Poster Printing Services & Marketing Materials As your top source for poster printing in Los Angeles, we at Guru Printers know that most of our customers want the best deal for their budget whether they are printing a short run or in bulk.  So we’ve put together some tips on how to make the most […]

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