When it comes to running a small business or working on a personal creative project, you want to balance value and quality. At Guru Printers, we’re proud to offer the best value in poster printing that doesn’t sacrifice quality. With our streamlined printing services and in-house design options, we can provide unbeatable deals for your marketing or creative goals. With both bulk and low-volume poster printing available, we’re here to provide high-quality printing services that will fit your budget.

Our Poster Printing Process

Part of how we keep our prices low is by streamlining our poster printing process. The more refined and formatted your file is when we get it, the faster we can print high-quality posters for your needs. With the help of our templates, formatting guides, and even an in-house design team, you can create a unique poster that we can print quickly and easily.

Poster Templates

If you know what you want to do but need some help creating a good design, let our poster printing templates do the work! We can provide you with plenty of professional and eye-catching designs to choose from. All you have to do is replace the images and text with your own content, and your poster is ready to go. By using pre-made templates, we can quickly and easily calibrate our machines, saving us time and you money.

File Formatting Guides

If you want to create your own design from scratch, we’re happy to support your endeavors. But to speed the process along, we do provide you with a file formatting guide. Following this guide ensures that your file is print-ready, so you don’t end up wasting time, money, and resources on misprints. Our guide includes tips such as:

  • Color spectrum: Be sure you change the color spectrum in your file to CMYK to avoid discoloration.
  • DPI: Setting your DPI (dots per inch) to a minimum of 300 will ensure a crisp and clear print.
  • Bleed area: Include a ¼” inch bleed area around your poster design so you don’t lose any information if shifting occurs during the printing process.

In-House Design Help

If you don’t have any idea what you want for your poster, we can offer design help from our team of in-house designers. For an additional charge, they can take your idea and turn it into a professional and aesthetic poster design. While this can increase the cost of our poster printing services, it’s worth it to ensure your poster looks amazing and prints properly the first time around.

Photo by Sylwia Pietruszka on Unsplash

How We Save You Money

While our poster printing process is streamlined to eliminate wasted time and materials, we also work hard to lower costs in other ways without sacrificing the quality of our prints.

Shipping and Delivery Options

Shipping and delivery costs can sometimes be astronomical, especially for bulk poster printing orders. But by being located in a downtown urban area, we have access to a wide variety of shipping options. This means you can choose a delivery method that fits your timeline and budget. We even offer pickup services from our physical shop to reduce the costs and risks of shipping even more.

Material Options

A major benefit of our downtown Los Angeles location is the increased options for printing materials. With a variety of paper weights and special printing material available to us, we can offer discounted printing services by using a mixture of goods. While we offer lower-cost items with different materials, we always ensure our products are still of professional quality before completion.

Poster Printing Technology

At Guru Printers, we have two separate types of printers for our poster printing services. For bulk printing, we use an industry-standard offset printer. This type of printer is widely used by professionals to quickly and accurately create posters. We can print bulk orders from 500 to 25,000 units in just a few hours. Expediting the poster printing process with a high-powered offset printer allows us to reduce billable hours without losing quality.

For low-powered printing, we use a high-powered latex printer. The latex ink increases the speed and accuracy of printing and allows the use of a wide range of paper materials and sizes. The machines are also quick and easy to calibrate. This allows us to create unique posters for a variety of clients, all within the same day.

Why Choose Guru Printers for Your Poster Printing Needs?

At Guru Printers, our business has always been to help your creative projects shine. No matter what kind of printing service you need, we’re here to work with you to create a professional and unique print you can be proud of. Part of our commitment to helping your business and personal projects grow is keeping costs low without sacrificing quality. By utilizing templates and a team of in-house designers, we can help you create the perfect design that will print quickly and accurately. By keeping up with the latest industry technologies and techniques, we can produce prints more accurately and with greater speed. And by offering a range of shipping options, we can get you your prints on time and on budget.

If you need poster printing for your business or personal goals, contact Guru Printers today. You can start by filling out our poster printing form online. You can also give us a call at (213) 371-9412 or send an email to [email protected] for more information about how our company can help your creative ambitions thrive.