In the professional world, there are plenty of ways you can boost your marketing and promotional efforts. Posters are a common tactic used by businesses across most industries. At Guru Printers, we offer high-quality poster printing that makes us the printer of choice for many professionals. If you’re looking to increase profits, expand your promotional efforts, or just liven up the office, we’re here to help.

Quick and Accurate Poster Printing

At Guru Printers, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with quick and accurate poster printing. We do everything in our power to get your posters printed as soon as possible without sacrificing their quality. We rely on our industry-standard printing equipment to create accurate prints in a short amount of time. Our offset printer allows us to print hundreds of posters in a short time frame without running the risk of misprints caused by recalibration or shifting between sets.

Customization Options

There are many ways posters can help your business, and thus many ways to design and display them. At Guru Printers, we offer a wide range of customization options that help you create the perfect posters to boost your business.

Size and Shape

Posters come in all shapes and sizes. With sizes ranging from 13”X19” to 26”X39”, we can print posters to fit any space you need. Whether you’re creating smaller posters to sell in your shop or larger posters to display at events, we have what you need. 

Paper Quality and Finishing

Because of our centralized location, we have access to a greater selection of paper materials and finishing options. Sometimes all you need is a lightweight poster for indoor use. Other times, you may need a heavy-duty poster that can withstand the outside elements. At Guru Printers, we have the equipment and knowledge needed to create posters of any type for both outdoor and indoor use.


Many printing presses only offer bulk poster printing, or they charge an exorbitant amount for low-volume printing. But at Guru Printers, we believe everyone deserves an affordable poster print, no matter how many posters they need. With our high-powered latex printer, we can provide budget-friendly, low-volume poster printing for any occasion.

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Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

File Formatting and Design Help

Printing a high-quality poster isn’t just about choosing the right materials and customization options. It’s also about providing a properly formatted file with a professional design. However, not everyone has the experience or knowledge needed to create a unique and professional poster. That’s why Guru Printers offers help with both designing and formatting your poster.

Poster Design

At Guru Printers, we employ a team of trained and experienced in-house designers who are ready to help you create the poster of your dreams. They’ll take your ideas along with any images you have and create a professional design you can proudly display. If you just need a little help designing your poster, we also offer professional templates that you can fill in with your own information for a quick design that looks amazing.

File Formatting

Using a template or getting help from a designer will ensure it’s in the right formatting first. But if you choose to design your poster yourself, you’ll need to make sure it’s properly formatted before you send it in. Some of the most common formatting issues in poster printing include:

  • Low DPI – Many files default to a DPI of 75. Your DPI should be set to a minimum of 300 for crisp and clear images.
  • RGB Color Spectrum – The original color spectrum in your editing software might be set to RGB. Your images need to be adjusted using the CMYK color spectrum to ensure the hues and vibrancy are correct.
  • No Bleed Area – While machines are more accurate than humans, there is a small margin of error that can occur. You need to include a ¼” bleed area around the main design of your poster to prevent any loss of information during the printing and cutting process.

With a professional design and a properly formatted file, Guru Printers can quickly and accurately print your posters.

Expanded Delivery Offers

Because Guru Printers is located in downtown Los Angeles, we have access to a wide range of shipping and delivery options. This means you can get your posters delivered on time and on budget. And if you happen to live in the area, we also offer pickup services at our physical location, allowing you to take delivery into your own hands.

Additional Printing Services

Poster printing can help you boost your business, but it’s not the only printing service that you can benefit from. At Guru Printers, we provide a wide range of printing services that can help you grow your marketing and promotional efforts. Everything from business cards to vinyl banners to custom folders can help your company grow and thrive. We take care to provide the same level of quality assurance and speedy delivery for all of our printing options, giving your business the boost it needs when it needs it.

Professional Poster Printing with Guru Printers

Posters can be a wonderful way to show off an event, increase your inventory, or market your business more effectively. At Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to providing quick and accurate poster printing services to all of our clients. Call us today at (213) 371-9520 or send an email to [email protected] for more information about our printing services. Alternatively, you can start placing an order through our online order form to see for yourself while professionals continue to choose Guru Printers for their poster printing needs.