Large Format Poster Printing

At Guru Printers one of our more popular items for printing is the large format poster.  Our clients print their posters with us to serve different functions ranging from event promotion, aesthetically pleasing artwork, product promotion, or as informational tools.

Our large format posters do not have minimum quantity requirements whereas our regular format posters (size 11×17 or smaller) require bulk printing with at least 100 in quantity.  Some of our clients use the regular size poster of 11×17 or smaller when intending to do a wide distribution.  But we’ve also had plenty of Large Format Posters that are greater than 11×17 printed in bulk.  Again, the good news is if you want to print larger posters (12×18 or larger) there is no minimum quantity required for purchase, making it your best choice for one-off printing.

Our large format printing range is quite large ranging from 8” x 10” posters to as large as 40” x 60”.  Anything smaller than 8 x 10 would fall into standard format category.  For bulk orders the our largest size offered is 27” x 39.

We offer Large Format Posters in matte or glossy photo-grade paper options.  Posters are quite versatile in that they are utilized as advertisement displays for sales, events or concerts as well as artwork in the realm of digital design, professional photography or print duplications of great fine art.  Over all we recommend our Large Format Posters for many of the uses listed above as they typically have more longevity as well as having a better color richness in part due to the photo quality paper we print them on.

Here are Guru Printer’s examples for great uses of Large Format Posters.

Sales and Promotions

Large format poster are a go to marketing tool for most retail business.  If you want to announce a special sale or promotion then there’s no better way than a one-off print of a few large format posters.

Artwork and Decorative

Large format posters are the best cost-effective way to show off photos, design or artwork on high-quality paper all while adding an aesthetic to touch to any home, work or studio space.

Events and Festivals. 

Many of our clients print Large Format Posters for their special events like movie screenings, art exhibitions or concerts.  A well designs large format poster can really catch the eyes of potential attendees.  Large format posters also function as a great retail item to be sold at your next event for dedicated devotees and fans.