Tips For Printing Posters

At Guru Printers we’ve created a poster printing guide to ensure your large-format prints are spectacular.

Guru’s Guide For Printing Large Posters

Start With High Resolution Images for your posters.

As with any large format printing it’s best to begin with high resolution images to ensure sharp images when printing to poster size. To get as sharp and well defined image as possible, especially with extra-large poster sizes, you may need to configure and stitch multiple images on a single canvas. Please consult your designer for best results.

Guru Printers Poster Printing Tips

Large Images For A Large Poster

Go with an image that fits well on a large format poster.  Choose an image with a well-defined focal point with as little background or foreground “noise” as possible.

Select Vibrant and Clear Pictures.

Imperfections in photo images stand out even more when blown up to poster size.  Therefore, it’s crucial to select an image or picture that is clear, bright and easy on the eyes.

When working with a designer consider digitally enhancing your photo in Photoshop to remove any red-eye in your original photo as well as any other touch ups you may need.

Be Creative

When selecting images for your poster you are not limited to only photographic images.  At Guru Printers we’ve had a variety of images printed onto poster that have included illustrations, artwork, graphic design, and even simple logos.  The images and graphics your source for your poster will reflect the reason behind printing them so make sure that everything is in line with your intended purpose.