Poster Printing Services & Marketing Materials

As your top source for poster printing in Los Angeles, we at Guru Printers know that most of our customers want the best deal for their budget whether they are printing a short run or in bulk.  So we’ve put together some tips on how to make the most of your next poster printing run with us.

Print posters in bulk.  Note that when you pay to print posters with us you are paying for service, process and equipment as well as the end result of your completed poster prints. Generally, the more you print in bulk with a greater quantity of posters in one run then the less your cost for the posters.  Take advantage of saving money buy printing a larger quantity which will equal to less money spent per poster if you were doing a smaller run.

Select The Right Options.  When printing your posters make sure you select the correct paper stock for your specific need.  For example, outdoor posters may require a different paper stock and finish than posters meant to be displayed indoors.  You can also select from a variety of sizes to suite your specific purpose.

Best Price and Best Deal. To bring more value to your poster printing services we offer certain perks depending on your print job.  Ask one of our associates about our bulk poster printing discounts and our returning customer loyalty discounts on poster prints. For added value we offer the best customer support and bargain pricing to complement our high-quality printing service.

Save time and money with a printing service that you can trust to offer you consistency with every poster printing run your repeat throughout the year.  At Guru Printers we are all about relationships and high-quality print products.   Contact one of our associates today for any of your poster printing needs.