Posters can be a great way to market your company, promote your event, or help boost business sales. But getting a good poster printed takes some time and consideration. If you want to get high-quality Los Angeles poster printing, you need to make sure you plan ahead of time and find the best printer for the job. Whether you’re trying to expand your promotional efforts or just sell new stock in your store, understanding how poster printing works can help you achieve your goals.

Poster Printing Design

How you design your poster will depend mainly on its intended use. A poster you plan to sell in your store will be different from one you use to promote an event, which will also be different from the one used to help market your company. Knowing ahead of time what you need your poster to do can help you decide how to lay it out and design it.

Posters for Sale

Posters that you plan to sell in your store should be largely aesthetic. Text should be kept to a minimum, unless that text is part of the overall design (such as in a typography-style poster). When choosing your printing options, always go for a nice, glossy finish and durable paper stock. Because you’re selling these to customers, you want to make sure they look their best and will remain in good condition.

Posters for Event Promotion

When promoting an event, you’ll likely find yourself with a lot of text on your poster. You need to make sure you include all of the useful information, but try to cut out anything that isn’t imperative. If you try to fit everything on the poster, you may end up with a font that’s too small to read easily. Because your poster is taken up mainly by text, play around with font size and positioning to help break up the blocks of text so it’s easier for passersby to read.

Posters for Business Marketing

Using a poster to help market your business requires a balance between text and image. Too much text can make your poster appear dull, thus not gathering enough attention. But too many images can make it feel crowded and unprofessional. A business poster doesn’t need too much text, as the point is to direct viewers to your office or website. Just include basics, such as your business name, purpose, and contact information. 

Printing File

Preparing your files ahead of time is the most important step in getting quality Los Angeles poster printing services. It doesn’t matter how good the equipment or printer is that you use; if you have a poorly formatted file, your posters won’t print properly. In order to get the best outcome possible, you need to ensure your settings are accurate before you send in your poster.

Dots Per Inch

When you create a digital image, there’s a setting that tells the printer/computer screen how many dots per inch to display. The higher the number, the clearer the picture. Most computer screens can display images at 75 DPI without losing too much quality. But if you blow that image up to print, it’ll come out blurry and fuzzy. Instead, make sure you have the DPI set to at least 300 to get a crisp and clear poster print.

Color Spectrum

Computer screens use a mixture of three colors to display every color you see. The RGB (red, green, blue) spectrum works great for displaying images online. But physical printers use a combination of four ink colors to create the colors you see. The CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) spectrum helps create vibrant colors on printed materials. Make sure that you have changed the setting in your file to CMYK before sending it to the printer. Because the screen often displays colors differently, it’s also a good idea to print a quick test page at home to see if the colors all match up with what you’d like.

Los Angeles poster printing
Photo by Abdulla Faiz on Unsplash

Bleed Area

Technology is pretty accurate, but there’s always a small margin of error you need to account for in the printing and cutting process. Printing companies always recommend you create a ¼” bleed area around your poster to help avoid losing any important information. This area can be filled with color or part of an unimportant design. Just make sure that it doesn’t include necessary text or image elements. Otherwise, you may end up losing them if there is a shift when printing.

Finding a Los Angeles Poster Printing Company

Once you have the design down and the file properly formatted, you need to send your poster to a printing company to have it printed. When looking for a printing company, you’ll want to try and find one that’s located in an urban setting. An urban-based printer will have better access to shipping materials and methods, helping you get your order quickly and safely. They’ll also have more printing materials to work with, allowing you to specify exactly what paper weight and other special features you want for your posters. 

When choosing a printing company for posters, also keep in mind other printing services they offer. You may only need posters now, but one day you may want business cards, or stickers, or bookmarks. Having one printing company that can provide all of those for you saves you time on researching new companies in the future.

Los Angeles Poster Printing at Guru Printers

At Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to providing quick, high-quality prints for a variety of products. We have been a leading Los Angeles poster printing company for years. We also offer help with the design of your poster, utilizing our in-house designers to take your concept and make it a reality. If you want high-quality posters printed quickly, you can start placing an order online now or give us a call at (213) 371-9412 for more information.