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An engagement, wedding, or baby shower is an important event for everyone in LA. Whether you are preparing for your wedding or the new addition to your family, it is crucial to share this special time with your loved ones, including family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

However, an engagement, wedding, baby shower, and other larger events require careful planning and preparation. For instance, you may book a hall, work with the catering staff, and focus on other essential tasks. Undoubtedly, you want to ensure everyone in your family and friends’ circle makes it to the event.

One way to streamline the entire process is by sending save the date cards. These cards range from simple to highly decorated with a specific message. You can place save the date cards in envelopes of your choosing and send them to each of your guests. Read on!

The Importance of Save the Date Printing

Most people think that three-day affairs and destination weddings are trending these days. Although this is true up to some extent, save-the-dates have become the standard. For example, a save-the-date is a basic courtesy if you marry during the peak season, such as a holiday weekend.

Sending a save-the-date card will increase the chances for your guests to attend the event and participate in your celebration. It becomes even more critical between travel arrangements, preparation, and busy schedules.

The general rule of thumb is to spread the news about 5-6 months before the ceremony. At the same time, it is 7-8 months for a holiday weekend or faraway destination. The purpose is to give your guests enough time to book their travel, create a budget, and ask for days off from the office.

You can send your save-the-date cards to anyone you want at your special celebrations. Even if you receive verbal confirmations from your guests, still, it is crucial to send them a save-the-date card.

For example, these people/guests include parents, siblings, close friends, and members of your wedding party. Now that you have understood the importance of save-the-date cards, let us tell you the significance of hiring a professional save-the-date printing service in LA.

Save The Date Announcements

High-Quality Paper

Guru Printers is a reputable printing company in Los Angeles with years of experience producing high-quality save-the-date cards based on its customers’ specific needs. We use premium-quality and eco-friendly paper to fulfill our customers’ requirements and meet our corporate social responsibility. We use:

14pt Semi-Gloss Paper

The 14pt semi-gloss paper is an excellent option for save-the-date cards, gift tags, and enclosure cards. At Guru Printers, we use this paper because it is sturdy, diverse, and versatile with excellent coating options.

We recommend the 14pt semi-gloss paper for your save-the-date card if you want to achieve a nice sheen. In addition, it is an ideal option for producing sharp and vibrant colors.

14pt Matte Paper  

The 14pt matte paper at Guru Printers is sturdy, diverse, and versatile uncoated cardstock that produces beautiful colors with visible textures. Not only is this paper an ideal option for writing on with pencils and pens, but it is also affordable, thanks to the reduced usage of printed ink.

So, if you are looking for quality texture, colors, and sturdiness, you can rely on the 14pt cover matte paper. We recommend this paper for save-the-date cards, wedding menus, RSVP cards, gift tags, etc.

16pt Semi-Gloss Paper  

At Guru Printers, our skilled team with years of experience believes that the 16pt semi-gloss paper is perfect for save-the-date cards, enclosure cards, table numbers, and party invitations.

The paper is super-sturdy and versatile coated stock and ensures a nice shine to the material for vibrant and sharp colors. The 16pt cover semi-gloss paper is good to write on, with excellent results from ballpoint pens.

14pt Uncoated Paper

Guru Printers, LA, also offers 14pt uncoated papers for your save-the-date wedding/celebration cards. Because the 14pt cardstock is uncoated, it allows you to write on them with a pencil or pen.

Besides, we recommend the 14pt uncoated paper for your save-the-date cards, appointments cards, and card printed for special events. The best thing about the 14pt uncoated paper is that you can write on them without worrying about smudging.

32pt Black Triple Layer Paper For Announcements 

The 32pt black paper is luxurious with high rigidity, natural feel, foil colors proximity, and premium-quality metallic inks. Besides, our 32pt premium black triple layer paper is sturdy, durable, and reliable, making it perfect for save-the-date cards.

Silk Laminated Invitation Printing 

In addition to the papers above, Guru Printers also uses silk laminated to achieve a smooth and protective lamination to cover the paper. When applied to the save-the-date printed cards, it offers a stylish, elegant, and smooth look and feel.

Similarly, the silk laminated material Guru Printers’ experts use in LA protects your cards from stains, smudges, rips, chipping, scratches, and creases. At the same time, it is less prone to damage and tear. The water-resistant properties of silk lamination make it an ideal choice for save-the-date cards.

Premium Color Options

At Guru Printers, our professional team focuses on premium-quality colors to ensure you receive the best products that surpass your expectations and meet your requirements.

For instance, we can use the 4/4 full color on both sides. It involves blending the four primary colors – i.e., Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. The purpose is to create a desirable color on the spectrum and produce quality save-the-date cards.

Bear in mind that the color options at Guru Printers are endless. Our team will discuss your requirements, give you a comprehensive plan based on your budget, choose designs/colors, print paper, and consider other factors to get the job done adequately.

Final Words

Save-the-date cards for your special celebrations, wedding, parties, baby showers, etc., are essential, especially if you want your loved ones, friends, and colleagues to attend the ceremony. So, if you are looking for high-quality, customized, and affordable save-the-date cards for your special event, you can rely on Guru Printers, contact us today!

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