How to tailor your business card to your company and expertise.

One key question to ask in creating your business card is how it will convey your profession, the industry you work in and your expertise in a clear and concise manner.  Below we’ve listed some examples of different professions and how the design of a business card can help communicate what you do. 

Business cards for real estate, medical, or law professionals

In the real estate, medical, or litigation sector you will want to communicate professionalism through your business card. is the most important thing your business card should communicate.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Use conservative looking fonts with less eccentric elements in your text.
  • You can use sharp angles and shapes in your logo design to give your card some edge without losing it’s conservative and professional look.
  • Consider a lighter color palette if you want to balance out an excessively conservative design.

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Business cards for creatives:

Working in the arts like design, illustration, dance, music or photography can give you more liberty to express your unique style.  Your business card will reflect your brand as a solo entrepreneur or boutique agency rather than a large corporation. Your business card design can reflect your unique style by:

  • Incorporating an image reflective of your trade or craft in your logo or business card background to give it some vividness.
  • Including something unique about you and what sets you apart from others in your area of the arts. Perhaps you want to include a short quote from a popular musician if you’re a music instructor or freelance musician.
  • Making sure your logo reflects your area of expertise and putting that logo front and center.

Business cards for luxury goods dealers or jewelers.

If you sell the image of luxury across your brand, then your business card should sparkle with the aesthetic of what is new and vibrant.  You can have mass appeal to a wide variety of clients while keeping it sleek and modern.  Here’s how:

  • Use a premium finish like velvet lamination or add foil details to your card to set your business apart from others while communicating the feeling of luxury and elegance of associated with your business.
  • Maximize minimalism by keeping the focus simple and centered on only the essentials.

Business cards for event planners or beauty professionals. 

Some common themes shared by event planning professionals and beauticians is a focus on expertise, style, impression making, and trends. Here’s how to convey that you are aligned with all four of those themes:

  • List your event planning specialties on your business card and keep it to a minimum of three. Put a QR code on the back side of your card that customers can scan and be linked to your website for a more extensive list of your event planning specialties.
  • As a beautician you want to convey that you have the skills to help your clients be in line with the latest trends in beauty like makeup techniques, hairstyles, and hair coloring. List a few but again, keep it to a minimum of your three most popular and sought-after services.
  • If you opt for a more minimal look you can leave the backside of your business card empty to serve as an appointment card,


Business cards for boutique stores and restaurants.

If you are a restaurant owner or boutique storefront owner, you want what is most symbolic about your food or the goods you sell to be the focus of your business card.  For your boutique storefront you may choose to include your business card when checking out customers at the register so that they remember your brand.   Or as a restaurateur your waiters may include them when customers ask for their bill.  In either scenario making a lasting impression can make people coming back for what sets your food or store goods apart from others. 

  • If your restaurant features a farm to table cuisine for a health-conscious clientele, then you can by perhaps using recycled paper stock and rustic designs.
  • If your boutique specializes in decorative goods and novelty for home interiors, then you can convey the simplicity of the objects in your store through the font and layout of your business card design.
  • Conveying the legacy in a family-owned restaurant through a classic font and only the essential contact details is very impactful. The enduring reputation and household name of your restaurant are emphasized by keeping it simple.


At Guru Printers we believe people should get an idea of what you do before seeing your job title.  Tailoring your business card design to your profession and area of expertise can help get that idea across.