Printed booklets offered by Guru Printers remain the most popular and much-needed marketing method to promote your business, event, products, and services even in today’s digital era. Consumers are more willing to read a printed booklet than spend time reading digital content.

People can read printed booklets anywhere and at any time of the day when they suit the readers’ needs. That’s why printed booklets offered by Guru Printers continue to make up the most powerful marketing methods.

Whether hosting an event, running an advertising campaign, magazine, or information booklet about your brand, Guru Printers is here to print premium-quality booklets at the most affordable prices.

There are numerous types of booklet printing that businesses in LA realize. Today’s article will focus on the most popular printing methods for booklets to help you choose the one that best aligns with your project. Read on!

Saddle Stitched Booklets

Saddle-stitched booklets are the most popular products for companies of all sizes and niches. These booklets have pages bound with staples or wires along the folded spine.

Not only do saddle-stitched booklets look professional, but they also cost low than other marketing materials. For example, if your booklet has more than 40 or 50 pages, our printing team will square off the spine to produce better quality and even finish.

That way, you can get the most out of your booklets and achieve your goals. We recommend saddle-stitched booklets for catalogs, brochures, event programs, brand information, and newsletters.

In addition, saddle-stitched booklets at Guru Printers are perfect for a wide range of documents with pages ranging between 50 and 100. There are dozens of sizes for your booklet, between 120 millimeters square and A4 pages. We also offer different formats, including square, portrait, and landscape.

Although most businesses in LA use 150gsm for the internal pages and 250gsm for the cover with external lamination, Guru Printers’ expert team recommends 130gsm for your inner pages, especially if the booklet is more than 28-30 pages. Remember, saddle-stitched booklets have folded spreads.

Saddle Stitched Booklets capture the attention of your existing and prospective customers, especially if you are running a small or emerging company with a limited budget. Not only are these booklets attractive and practical, but they are also easy to use than produce advertisements on newspapers or via digital platforms.

Perfect Bound Booklets

Another popular printing option for booklets is the perfect pound. It consists of single leaves stacked in a squared-off booklet. Guru Printers has a team of experienced professionals who glue them together along the pages’ rear edge. Our team then wraps the cover for proper spine bonding.

In addition, our company uses a durable and flexible adhesive tolerant enough to harsh weather conditions or extreme temperatures. It means you can open the booklet fully without cracking the spine. Likewise, pages won’t fall out.

Guru Printers uses perfect binding to produce professional booklets that close entirely flat. In addition, we can also print on the spine, making these booklets an ideal option for display without the risk of damage. Perfect Bound Booklets have different uses, such as company reports, magazines, brochures, reference books, educational texts, and novels.

One of the most significant advantages of perfect bound booklets is that you can use them for any document or book ranging between 28 and 700 pages. So, everything from best-selling novels to magazines follows this printing method. Moreover, perfect bound booklets come in a wide range of sizes as saddle-stitched booklets, ranging between 120mm x 120mm up to A4.

It is crucial to supply one PDF file for the inside covers because Guru Printers produce the cover and inner pages separately. We save the cover as a flat spread with the spine and the internal pages as the multipage pdf in the running order. Because some perfect bound booklets don’t open fully flat, we recommend leaving a safe area for at least 10mm to 12mm between the text and the inside page.

Booklet and Catalogs

Wiro Bound Booklets

Wiro Bound booklets have flexible pages bound professionally and securely with a neat, durable metal spiral. At Guru Printers, we recommend Wiro binding for booklets that need to lie flat and fold back on themselves.

In addition, Wiro biding requires stacking and hole-punching single leaves along the left or top edge. Our professionals then feed the wire through the holes to bind the pages. Wiro bound booklets can open completely flat and fold way back.

Thus, Wiro Bound booklets are ideal for your company’s documents, product manuals, and other booklets people can read while leaving their hands free for other essential tasks. The most popular uses of Wiro bound booklets are instruction manuals, recipe books, teaching aids, company reports, and presentation documents.

Wiro bound booklets can have up to 300 printed pages with 180 leaves printed on both sides. Moreover, these booklets come in five sizes: A5, 1/3 A4, 210mm square, A3, and A4 landscape. At Guru Printers, our professionals understand that pages in Wiro Bound booklets need at least 12mm of a safe area at the bound edge.

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