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As a writer, getting published is an attractive goal. However, you may be wondering whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is right for you. Many authors find self-publishing enticing because it allows them to be entirely in control of both the creative and selling processes. After you decide how to publish your book, the next step is printing. If you relate to the following three points, you’re probably ready to start self-publishing and printing in Los Angeles! Booklet Printing, Los Angeles, Guru Printers.

Out With the Old, in With the New. Booklet Printing.

Traditional publishing can be difficult to navigate. Getting an agent is almost a requirement to help you make connections with publishers, and you still have no guarantee that publishers will read your manuscript. Even when a publisher agrees to publish your book, they may not even print it to put in stores. But self-publishing is changing the book industry.

If you’re having trouble landing a publisher, or already know you don’t want to go that route, self-publishing could be the right choice for you. With self-publishing, you’re the boss. You have full control of the editing, printing, cover, and everything else. Stop asking for permission to publish your book. You don’t need it.

Higher Costs, But More Profits

Keep in mind that with all the freedom in self-publishing, there are added costs. Normally, traditional publishers pay for all the editing, cover design, printing, and distribution. However, you also give them the rights to your book, meaning you’re left making royalties. The average royalties for books are 7-25%. For instance, if your book sells for $12, you would only make up to $3 per copy sold.

On the other hand, with self-publishing, you may need to hire external editors, designers, and printers. But you earn 100% of the royalties. Choosing your own editors and designers gives you the reigns on style and the overall story. Plus, there are no deadlines rushing your creative process.

Any Book Can Have a Big Impact

Each book is different. Maybe you’re only looking to print a dozen copies at a time. Perhaps you have an e-book, but want to print physical copies to take to signings. Alternatively, you can also print as many as your heart desires. Self-publishing gives you the ability to select a printer who meets your unique printing needs.

If you’re looking for book printing in Los Angeles, you’re in luck! Offering several styles of catalogs and booklets, Guru Printers is a family-owned company with two great locations. We would love to hear more about your self-publishing objectives and are looking forward to helping you cut costs, not corners.