Perfect Presentation Kits Give You An Edge

Maybe you’ve printed a few PDF documents and prepared a power point presentation for an important meeting.  Yet there’s one key you still need in order to leave a lasting impression.  Welcome to the wonders of presentation kits!  Let Guru Printers assist you in putting together your next presentation kit with visual marketing tools that benefit your targeted audience while giving you a professional edge in communicating your ideas.  You set the bar when presenting your ideas to your company team or potential clients, so why not set it high with a sleek presentation kit?  Here are print products you may want to consider in your next presentation:

Presentation Folders

Bring your presentation kit together in a single place by implementing folders.  For those at the receiving end of your presentation, folders are an efficient way to make all your marketing tool easily accessible. Customize the design of your folder to match the palette of your other printed materials or make your folder more generic so that you or your audience can use them for other presentations.  We at Guru Printers can print a variety of presentation folder styles and sizes customized to your specific liking.


Presentation folder

Business Cards

Business cards are the most impactful and popular printed marketing material.  Include a reminder of you and your company by incorporating a business card within your presentation kit.  You presentation serves to convey your products, ideas and services just as your business card will do after the presentation is over. 

Business Cards


If you have a large amount of information to provide then be sure to use Brochures as they will allow you to be vastly informative in your marketing without taking up an excessive amount of space.  Share valuable statistics as well as general or introductory information within your presentation kit by harnessing the power of brochures. 

Rack Cards

If you don’t prefer to include a brochure because there’s not a whole lot of information or you’d prefer to keep it more succinct, then Rack Cards are your next best bet. Rack cards are best for situations where a brochure may be too excessive.  Keeping it simple and to the point, rack cards are perfect for conveying the specifics about anything like descriptions of your services or customer testimonials.   You can leave your rack cards at your kiosk table or counter top on display and accessible for people to take.   Rack cards also work as a great addition to any presentation folder. 


Club Flyers

Club flyers can come in a variety of sizes and are a great way to include any extra information that your other marketing tools may have missed.  Adding benefits, offers or discounts within a club flyer can go a long way with your clients or employees.   You can also include a QR code on the club flyer to links to your website (see our blog post about the versatility of QR codes).

Club Flyers



Printing a short catalog or booklet of your products or services and including it in your presentation kit gives you an edge over your competitors. You’ll be presenting everything in one sweep, from general info to specific data or projections.  It’s no wonder why catalogs have been in use for so long as a major marketing tool. 

Booklet and Catalogs

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