QR Codes for your Business Cards.

A QR code or Quick Response Code are great ways to get customers to your desired page whether that be your online menu as a restaurant owner, your website as a real estate agent or your social media page as an artist.   Your customers simply scan the code with their phone’s camera and are instantaneously navigated to your desired landing page.  Aside from conveying to your clientele that your business is modern and tech savvy, your unique QR code can serve as a tool to relay valuable information to them quickly!   There are many apps and sites which you can use for free to create your QR code (example:  Generate Customized QR Codes | QR.io).  Simply enter the URL address for your desired landing page and voila!  You’re set to go with your unique QR code.   Your favorite local print shop can print this QR code for you on all your products and promotional tools.   Here are some examples of how every business can benefit from using QR codes:

1.  Less space needed while providing information. 

QR codes are a great way to quickly update your customers on virtually any information regarding your business.  Your café’s wifi name and password?  Check.  Your website or social media profiles?  Check.  With very minimal space needed, you can keep your signage space focused on grabbing attention.  Then simply add a QR code to your decal, flyers, banners or other marketing materials to deliver your message with a simple click. 

Guru Printers has many templates that incorporate QR codes whether they be for your business cards, postcards, or stickers.  You can easily upload them to our site for printing. 


2: Contactless payment method.

Business owners can easily set up a QR code that accepts payments. Simply by printing out the code and placing it near your register or check-out counter you offer your customers the added convenience for customers to use their phones to make payments instead of having to use their credit cards or cash.  At a time where many business owners and customers are concerned about safety QR codes offer a contactless way for transactions to be made.

3: Free to very low-cost marketing tool.

QR Codes are free to create using any number of apps or websites like  QR.IO, QRCode Monkey, QR Code Generator, Shopify etc.  Furthermore, many payment apps like Venmo and Paypal allow for you to create a QR so that others may pay you by simply by scanning that unique code delivered to them via text or business card!  If you so choose, for a very low cost you can also create a Dynamic QR code allowing you to easily track and edit on the back end of transactions and site visits.   This more custom made QR code can be worth the small cost given it’s additional features.

4: More followers and likes!

With easy linking of your social media pages to your unique QR code your customers can easily view follow your business profile on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn.  Those who engage with your business on social media will be up to date on your services, products or special offers.  You can even post a selfie as a proud business owner knowing that your QR code will bring in the likes and followers!

5: Monitor your metrics.

The versatility of QR codes and the instant data they can provide is great for keeping track of your metrics.  QR tracking features can offer real time statistics. Collect bird’s eye view information, like the amount of people who scanned your code, or more granular data, like location, date, time and what devices used.  Most importantly, after having scanned your QR code customers  can be prompted to enter their email or phone number allowing you to make targeted promotional campaigns and special rewards just by having this data at your fingertips.


QR codes benefit your business by

  • Providing info quickly and with less space needed.
  • Utility as a contactless payment method.
  • Serving as a virtually free marketing tool.
  • Boosting social media visibility.
  • Tracking metrics. 

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