Getting die-cut stickers in Los Angeles is easy and quick. However, knowing what to do with those stickers can be a different story. Companies and private brands worldwide are using stickers as a way to help promote their brands. But utilizing die-cut stickers isn’t always as easy as just printing your logo and handing them out. Making die-cut stickers work for your company requires planning, both in design and distribution. Stickers can be a great way to promote yourself and bring in new business when used properly.


The design of your sticker is the most important factor in how well it performs. Even if your logo is colorful and eye-catching, it may not always be enough to grab the attention of passersby. Often, stickers that do well to boost promotion include more than just a logo. Keeping the balance between image and text is crucial and making sure everything stays balanced with your aesthetic is not always easy.


The main portion of your die-cut sticker should be an image. It most certainly can be your logo. Choosing your logo as the center of your sticker design is often an excellent choice. However, this depends mainly on what your logo is. If your logo clearly defines your company and can give viewers an idea of what your company does at a quick glance, then it’s perfect for your stickers.

However, sometimes logos don’t always give out enough information. In this case, you’ll want to utilize an image that helps people understand what your company is about. For example, if your company helps rescue wildlife, you may want to use an image of an endangered species to indicate what your company is passionate about. You want to bring in customers who share your passion and want to support your business, so make sure your images will appeal to the right audience.

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Text shouldn’t make up too much of your die-cut sticker. The text of your sticker should only be used to help support your image and your design goal. You should include your company’s name, if it’s not incorporated in the logo, and a small tagline about what you do. It’s not a good idea to include a phone number or website address, as these can take up too much space and make your design seem cluttered. Someone should be able to look up your company’s name and find your information. However, you can include a QR code as long as it’s scannable and doesn’t take up too much of the sticker.

Placement for Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles

Deciding where to place your die-cut stickers in Los Angeles is a conundrum many people face. There are two ways your stickers can help promote your business. They can either be placed strategically by you and your employees, or they can be given out/sold to customers and clients. Both methods have their uses, and you may even want to consider different sticker designs for each.


Placing stickers around the world can be valuable in promoting your business or personal brand. When you place a sticker, you know exactly where it is and who is going to see it. You can match up your placement with the locations that make the most sense to your business.

For example, your wildlife conservation company would benefit from putting stickers near places such as zoos, parks, and hiking trails. Wherever you decide to put your stickers, always make sure you get permission from the owners. Putting your stickers up without permission could reflect badly on you and your company and could cost you future business. Plus, talking to the owners of a location related to your company is a great way to make connections. You may even find alternate ways of promoting yourself at these other locations.

A sticker that is self-placed needs to focus on really telling your business’s story. There won’t be anyone around to explain to someone about your company. So be sure the die-cut sticker you design for self-placement is self-explanatory.

Customer and Client Placement Ideas for Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles

Giving away or selling stickers to customers and clients is a great way to get your business seen. Customers have a wider reach than you alone will have and will likely travel to different locations you might not have considered. Getting a customer to support your business by showing off your sticker is also a good sign that your company is doing well. When someone places a sticker from a company they like, they are declaring that that company does good work and has a positive rapport with their customers.

Another upside to using customers to promote your stickers and business is the flexibility in design. Because a client is more likely to be around when someone sees your sticker, they can engage with the viewer for you. Someone may ask them about the stickers on their laptop or notebook, and they can give them more information about your company. Because of this added benefit, you don’t have to worry so much about ensuring your sticker says everything it needs to. Your customers can help fill in the blanks.

Trust Guru Printers for Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles

Die-cut stickers are an excellent way to promote your business or personal brand. If designed and placed properly, they can really help your business grow. Guru Printers is your go-to option for die-cut stickers in Los Angeles. We work quickly and efficiently to bring you high-quality die-cut stickers at a price you can afford. We even offer design services if you’re having trouble designing your stickers. Call Guru Printers today at (213) 513-2159 or shop directly from our die-cut stickers page to get started.