If you are reading this article, you have undoubtedly heard about 3D printing. You may not know about the nuances of printing in 3D but you may have some aspirations to getting a project of yours printed in 3D.
3D printing has rapidly become a mainstream technology for everybody from the home and DIY hobbyist through to large technology companies at the forefront of space exploration. But to date, a 3D printer is unfortunately not going to sit next your laptop on your oak desk. It isn’t just going to plug into your plug and play USB port (but be patient; that technology isn’t far away).
3D printers vary in size from a robotic looking sewing machine through to a restaurant sized cooking oven. You also can’t yet pop down to your local stationery store and buy your ink cartridges for your 3D printer. Metal, alloys, plastics and nylon are your input materials. Not things you find conveniently packaged for easy insertion into your inkjet.
But 3D printing is now more accessible than it has ever been and is now literally as simple as driving to the local mall and telling the print store what you want printed. Yes, those stores where you have taken your portraits to be printed on canvas or had your business cards printed. You may not easily identify their 3D printer but many print stores have them there, sitting next to the photocopier.
One such store is Guru Printers in the Los Angeles area. They have been in the printing business for over twenty years and cover all your printing needs from black and white copying through to colourful poster and banner printing. And they have now added 3D printing to their repertoire.
Guru Printers have brought 3D printing to the public with their cost effective solutions for printing colourful 3D objects. Yes, that metal, plastic or nylon 3D object can be coloured to almost any colour you need meaning your ideas don’t just have to be in the realm of metallic screws or plastic lunch boxes. Everything from jewellery to home décor and more can be printed. And you don’t have to be an expert in 3D engineering software to have your idea’s printed. Your local print stores have also brought that expertise to their stores. 3D printing experts are able to take your imaginations and turn them into 3D software files that then talk to the printer and print out your imagination.
Guru Printers will walk you through your project both listening and advising, all with cost in mind. Given the low cost of printers these days and readily available materials, it has become possible to print off a one and only item for your house or something to be given as a gift through to multiple copies to be sold on your website or your own local store.
Although a plug and play 3D printer is not quite sitting on your desk, it is almost just as conveniently placed in your local print store. Your imagination is the only limitation, and after that it as simple as taking your idea down to the print store, along with your business card print needs, and having your cards printed along with a 3D model of yourself at the same store or if you are in the Los Angeles area, down to Guru Printers.