Die-cut stickers are a great way to customize your sticker options and provide more options for your brand or company. But are they really worth the extra design time and money? Whether or not you choose to invest in die-cut stickers in the Los Angeles area will depend on your specific needs. In most cases, die-cut stickers provide a massive benefit that regular sticker shapes can’t. Choosing die-cut stickers for your brand or business can help with growth and promotion potential.

What Are Die-Cut Stickers?

When you order standard stickers, you’re required to fit your design into a specified shape. The most common of these shapes are rectangles, but squares and circles are used as well. Many designs fit into these confined spaces well. Others, however, don’t work properly with such specifications. Certain images or even text can look awkward with so much dead space around the design. Die-cut stickers are printed and cut around the border of your design. This removes that dead space and allows you to create alluring shapes that catch people’s eyes and enhance the logo or image of your brand or company.

How Die-Cut Stickers Are Made in Los Angeles

Normal stickers are printed using a common cutter that will quickly and efficiently create the desired shape. Because everything is mass-produced and of the same size and shape, this option is a faster and cheaper way to print stickers. When stickers need their own shape, an individualized die-line must be created for them and configured in the die-cut machine.

Since no two sticker designs will be exactly the same, it takes additional time and resources for the printing company to set up the machine. This is why die-cut stickers are more expensive than other types of stickers. If you know that your design will benefit from a die-cut but are worried about the additional cost, you can make a bulk order that will reduce the per-sticker cost, giving you more stick for your buck.

When To Use Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles

Not every design benefits from the die-cut sticker way. A simple logo that is already designed to fit the circle or rectangle shape will easily print on normal stickers. Most logos are created with this conformity in mind. But your company or brand could have images with unique designs that would benefit from being die-cut. Some examples include:

–  Personal Artwork

–  Images Displaying New or Featured Products

–  Text-based Images

–  Extravagant Logos

These kinds of images are great for promotional purposes. They look good on websites and on printed papers where the background is transparent, and the image is allowed to stand out by using its unique shape. But when the image is placed on a standard sticker, the dead space can reduce the effect it has. Printing them as die-cut stickers instead allows them to continue to capitalize on their uniqueness.

Photo by Melissa Keizer on Unsplash

How to Use Die-Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are one of the most powerful marketing and promotional tools available to you. Everyone loves stickers, and your clients or customers will enjoy being able to promote your business through die-cut stickers. Although they’re slightly more expensive to make, die-cut stickers are perfect for giveaway events or freebies included with each order. Every time you give someone a sticker, you’re increasing your company’s reach.

Die-cut stickers are more visually appealing, so your customers and clients are more likely to display them. Stickers get placed on laptops, bags, notebooks, and even cars. Whenever your customer goes out, they’re helping to showcase your brand and get the word out about you and your company. So even though you’re giving them away for free, you’re gaining valuable promotional opportunities that contribute to your business’s overall growth.

Die-Cut Sticker Material

Like most other sticker types, die-cut stickers can be printed on a variety of materials to help enhance their effect. The most commonly used materials are glossy or matte, but you can also utilize vinyl materials for your stickers. Each material will give your die-cut stickers a different look and feel. Because of their customizability, you can choose whichever material you think will help your die-cut sticker stand out the most. Whether it’s a glossy shine that catches the eye or a matte feel that promotes sophistication, your die-cut stickers can fit any aesthetic you want.

Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles from Guru Printers

If your image or logo needs a specific shape to help it stand out, you can trust Guru Printers to make the perfect die-cut sticker for you. Our company’s dedication is to helping other companies grow and thrive. We print any kind of promotional or marketing material you could possibly need. If you want die-cut stickers in the Los Angeles area, trust us to get the job done. With high-quality print jobs and fast turnaround times, our customers are consistently satisfied with the work we provide. Die-cut stickers may not be the right choice for every print job, but they are always worth it when the right design is used. Don’t hesitate any longer – call Guru Printers today at (213)-513-2159 to discuss your die-cut sticker needs and learn how we can help.