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Guru Printers Quality Los Angeles Print Company 

Cost-effective per unit

Print 500 professional stickers for just under $50 from That’s a cost of $0.10 per sticker. In comparison if you were to print the stickers yourself here is the cost and hassle you’d have to take on:   your average label pack costs for 100 labels at a cost of $0.20 per sticker label which can end of totaling anywhere from $20-25.  Also keep in mind if you print your own stickers, you will be paying high prices for ink on a home printer that is not of the highest quality. 

Long Lasting and durable

Sticker printing through Guru Printers give you more options.  We offer high-gloss coating for a more durable and long-lasting finish.  For a more sophisticated and soft finish you can also opt for our matte protective coating.

Full spectrum of color

Your brand or company’s identity should not be left to the mercy of at-home laser printers and their poor color capabilities.  Most do it yourself sticker printing results in washed out colors and designs. Guru Printers sticker printing service is done on a full color, offset press. When printing with us you can be sure that your stickers will come out in brilliant and bright colors that will catch the eye while making a professional impression. 

No hassle and time saved

As a business owner with a busy life, you likely don’t want to be spending your time at an office supply store to buy a generic label kit, configuring the layout and templates on your computer and then hoping your printer gets it right with regards to color, size and/or cutting.

Let Guru Printers save your time and money with our custom stickers printing.  Upload your file on our website and have us take care of the rest.  You can also ask about our custom design options and templates should you need a design before going to print.