Stickers are excellent for promoting your company because everyone loves them! Give a sticker to a kid in Los Angeles, and you’ll find your logo on a light post in San Diego. You don’t have to worry about spending too much time designing stickers. If you decided to make some stickers at the last minute, here are some ideas.

Logo Sticker Printing

Sometimes simplicity speaks a thousand words, especially in Los Angeles. Sticker printing is simple so your design can be simple, too. A simple sticker with just your company’s logo on it gets your name out and looks cool. People love to cover water bottles, phone cases, and more with logo stickers. You can create some conversation starting pieces with a minimal amount of effort.

Geometric Stickers

Another quick sticker printing design can be a geometric sticker with a simple print. Does your company have a motto? Print the motto on a triangle or square sticker, and people will love it. Something about straying away from the classic circle sticker really appeals to potential customers. Unique geometric stickers look interesting and are fun to stick on all things. If you get a little bit of your company’s information on a cool shape, people are sure to do all the advertising for you.

Colorful Stickers

A colorful world is a fun world! In Los Angeles, colorful stickers with a simple logo or company motto on it can grab the attention of potential customers. No special designing is really needed for a colorful sticker. Just think of which colors you want, and print them with your company name. You could even make a variety where some stickers have the company name, some have a company motto, and some have a logo. Display these fun, colorful stickers at your storefront, and customers will be happy about their free gift.

Create some promotional masterpieces at the snap of a finger by ordering logo, geometric, and/ or colorful stickers. If you give a customer a sticker, you’ll surely get some promotion in return. We live in a world of water bottles and bumpers covered in stickers. Your brand just might make its way across the pond thanks to sticker printing. Guru Printers is the best for Los Angeles sticker printing. Give us a call today with your last-minute sticker printing design!