Guru Printers Postcards Marketing Tips

Using postcards as a marketing tool can be a unique way to raise brand awareness, bring in customers through your door and increase sales. Premium printing services for the Los Angeles area.

The more obvious and conventional things to include on your postcard are your business logo, details on your products or services, business hours and contact information.  However, your marketing strategy should be as creative as possible and postcards are a great tool for increasing brand awareness and sales.

Here Are Guru Printers postcard printing marketing tips:

  1. Special promotions and coupons.

A call to action is a tried and tested way to get customers to walk through your doors or visit your website.  Offering a discount or coupon that is good towards their next purchase is not only a great way to attract new customers but also encourages loyalty from returning clients.  Holiday promotional postcards for your general clientele or custom-tailored birthday postcards sent to your top customers help increase loyalty to your brand.

  1. Tell them what’s new.

Whether it’s a new product or service you’re offering or a new location you’re opening, postcards are the perfect tool for spreading the news.  The right design layout that is in line with your brand will grab the attention while bringing awareness to new happenings about your business.

  1. Product promotion.

An informational postcard is a great way to outline the details or a specific product or service that is popular among your clientele. Inform consumers about a certain product or line of products by describing it’s features and what sets it apart from the others being offered on the market.  You can leave these at the check stand for customers to grab or include them in packages you send out.  An extra reminder about your brand and it’s identity goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression.

  1. Customer appreciation.

Use a side of your branded postcards to simply thank your customers for their business.  Handwritten or typed, a custom postcard with a customer’s name on it really shows that you notice them and appreciate their business.  You can include them in their checkout bags when leaving the store or mail them after a customer has booked a service or purchased a product from you.

A handwritten or typed note to specific customers you haven’t seen in a while is a great way to let them know they are appreciated especially if there are any special offers you give them for returning.

  1. Give them something to keep.

The most memorable postcards are usually held on to for the artistic or practical value they bring.  For example, a yoga studio might send out postcards with some essential yoga poses illustrated on the front.  Or if you’re a restaurant and cocktail bar then you can offer your customers a entrée or cocktail recipe on the back of your card.  We all know postcards that stand the true test end up on our refrigerators or bulletin boards.  Taking your marketing tool and using it as something that brings value to customers makes it more likely they’ll hold on to it. We’ve often had customers print postcards to also be used as informational hangtags on tote bags or products. For example, if you run a botanical nursery then you may want to attach a postcard hangtag to your plants which provides them information on care and upkeep of your product.   Bring value to your customers through your postcards and chances are they’ll likely hold on to them for a long time.

  1. Present your business bio

Postcards are the ideal canvas for presenting customers with the biography of your business and what you’re about. Outlining the details of what sets your brand apart, the mission of your business and how it all began can really help foster a connection with your customers. If you want to include more in depth information about your business then include a QR code on the back or front of the postcard to navigate customers to your website or social media for further info.

  1. Word of mouth marketing and referral programs

One way sure shot way to influence customers in spreading the word about your business is with a referral program.  You can include postcards at the cashier station or within mailed out packages that encourages your customer to pass on the postcard to a friend or family member who may be interested in your products or services.  In return when that referral customer presents the postcard at checkout or enters a code offered on the postcard then your original customer gets rewarded with a promotional item or discount.  We all know word of mouth advertising is one of the mainstays of growing a business so using postcards to increase word of mouth goes without saying.