Postcards can be a wonderful way to send messages to those you love from around the world. Even with email and phones these days, travelers all over are on the lookout for unique postcards that they can send home to friends and families. But souvenirs aren’t the only use for glossy postcards. From creating unique collages to business promotion, individuals and companies alike can find creative uses for glossy postcards that help embellish any project they’re working on.


Glossy postcards are particularly good for making collages. Because of their high-quality finish, they can create amazing art without the need for added protection (although you can frame your final product for added value). You can make a collage in a scrapbook, on your fridge, or even right up on your wall. This is an especially fun idea if you receive a lot of postcards from friends and family. Collages can help you keep track of certain adventures or organize your favorite memories into a beautiful new piece of art to enjoy.

Business Flyers

Fitting all of your business information on a business card isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need the extra space to explain detailed services or products. Glossy postcards are the perfect size without spending too much on extra material. By handing out business postcards at events and conferences or mailing them to contact lists, you can spread the word about your company without worrying about paring down what you say. While they’re slightly more expensive to produce than business cards, they’re still less expensive than other business promotional materials.

Gift Tags

Custom gift tags can help turn an ordinary gift into an extraordinary one. And glossy postcards are just the ticket for emphasizing your next gifting event. You can either use one postcard to gift tag a large item or cut one up into a few strips to decorate multiple gifts. While you can use postcards you already have at home, it’s even more fun to create your own custom ones. With a unique gift tag just for them, the recipient is guaranteed to love their present even more.


Creating your own mobile for a baby or toddler can be a fun, creative project that helps show how much you care for the young ones in your life. Making a mobile out of glossy postcards is easy, and all you really need is a base, some string, and a hole punch. By altering the length of the different strings, you can create varied heights that provide a charming look for your mobile. You can use sentimental postcards to emphasize the family connection in a nursery, or you can pick out designs that help add to whatever design or motif is in the room. And with the glossy cover on your postcards, your mobile will catch some of the light in the room, adding an additional level of visual entertainment for whoever sleeps or plays under it.

glossy postcards

Photo by Becky Phan on Unsplash


Postcards can have some fun and wonderful designs on them. And with a little bit of work, you can turn those designs into a puzzle. While one postcard may not be a challenging puzzle for you, it will be a great mental exercise for younger children. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can split a larger picture among multiple cards when placing your order online and create an even bigger puzzle to play with. Because the postcards have a sturdy design, all you need to do is glue some thin cardboard to the back for added stability and then carefully cut out as many puzzle pieces as you want. You can draw the piece designs on the back of the cardboard first to make sure you have the right layout and to help guide your cutting.

Label Store Items

If you have a physical storefront or a pop-up table, you’ll need something to help organize your items and show off what you have for sale. Without any signage or labels, you have to rely heavily on speaking with everyone who shows up, or you have to spend the money on hiring additional staff to answer questions and address concerns. With glossy postcards, however, you can show off the important information about a product or service in a convenient and cost-effective way. For example, you can let shoppers know about the different sizes, colors, or variations available for a product. You can also advertise sales, deals, or limited-edition items to help drive traffic to specific locations in your store. Postcards have enough space that you can detail a lot of information, but they aren’t so big that they distract from the product itself.


While postcards and bookmarks aren’t all that different in production speed and cost, there are some books that just don’t fit well with regular-sized bookmarks. And there are some bookmark designs that need to be wider rather than taller. With glossy postcards, you can create bookmarks for unusually-sized books and remarkably unique designs that will provide a sturdy marker to keep your place as you read.

Glossy Postcards from Guru Printers

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