There are a variety of ways you can use printed products to boost your business. Everything from business cards to vinyl banners can help get your company noticed. But among all the products used, many skip out on getting postcards printed for their business. But with the quality provided by postcard printers these days, postcards can actually drive up your marketing and promotional goals more than you’d expect. Here are all the ways postcards can boost and support your business or personal brand.

Postcards for Marketing from Postcard Printers

Postcards make a great marketing and promotional tool. When you have a big event, new product, or special discount to announce, you could send out a regular email blast and hope someone will open it. But with nearly every company around the globe doing the same, most clients and customers rarely open every email they receive. And if you don’t have a catchy headline or opening paragraph, you’re not likely to capture attention in the sea of promotional emails.

That’s where postcard printing comes in handy. When someone gets their mail, they’re more likely to actually look at every piece at least briefly. And with a postcard, you can use colors and images to help catch someone’s attention rather than just words. The visual aspect of your postcard can greatly increase how effective your promotional campaign is. With postcards going out to clients and customers rather than just emails, you can increase your reach and secure more connections.

Postcards for Sale

Selling postcards is another great way to boost your business. Not only will you make a sale, but there’s also a chance you’ll increase your reach. When someone buys a postcard from a company, there are two main reasons: to send it or to display it.

When someone sends out a postcard to a friend or family member, the postcard passes through the mail system, getting seen by both mail staff and the recipient. If you have a unique, eye-catching design, you may find yourself with new clients and customers simply by having the postcard pass through a few hands.

Alternatively, when someone buys your postcards for art, they may display them in their own offices or homes. With the right design, your postcard will impress visitors from all over. They may ask questions, including how they can get a postcard of their own. Without any extra effort on your part, your postcards can help boost your reach and secure even more sales moving forward.

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Postcards for Display

Just like your customers may display their postcards, so can you! Postcards are printed on stockier paper, making them durable and reliable for decorative purposes. If your business or brand has unique logos or artwork you want to display, you can print beautiful postcards that will help enhance the aesthetic of your office or storefront.

Displaying postcards can also be used to push information. You can place postcards around objects in your storefront for a larger space to work with when providing details. They can be used to announce prices, inventory options, and even additional recommended products. By utilizing postcards in your office or store, you can provide both aesthetic value and informative exposition that help enhance a client’s or customer’s experience.

Designing Your Postcard

If you want your postcard to work for you, not against you, it needs to have the right design. Postcards are vying for attention just like any other promotional material. Having the right design is key to making sure your postcard stands out and gets the attention of passersby. 

A postcard should be well-balanced, containing a mixture of words and text (unless the purpose is simply to display artwork). If you crowd too much text on the postcard, you risk losing interest with walls of text. If you use nothing but images, you run the risk of not getting your point across, leaving your clients and customers with no idea what you’re trying to say. 

Your postcard should also contain a balanced color scheme. Colors should work well together, complimenting each other rather than contrasting one another. A good starting point is to look at your logo or other branded material. Using the same color scheme on your postcards that you use on other products can help maintain brand integrity. It also lets viewers know who the postcard is from right away, so they know to pay attention to it.

Formatting Your Postcard

Postcard printers need your file to be properly formatted in order to print high-quality postcards for your business or brand. If your file isn’t formatted well, the postcard will likely come out blurry, discolored, or missing information. When formatting your file for printing, pay attention to the following settings:

  • Color Spectrum – Postcards should be colored using the CMYK spectrum, not RGB.
  • Dots Per Image – The DPI setting for your postcard should be at least 300.
  • Bleed and Margin – All important information should be well within the bleed and margin lines to avoid unnecessary cut-offs in the printing process.

Postcard Printers for Your Business

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