Clear plastic labels and vinyl label printing options

Nothing helps establish your brand more effectively than label printing for your products.  High-quality labels leave a lasting impression by highlighting your logo and company name. You can use them for displaying on your products in store and for mail outs on a variety of packaging like boxes, cans, and bottles.  Here are some options Guru Printers offers to help suit your needs.

Printing Options For Labels

Transparent labels are ideal for packaging in which the container or it’s contents is to be showcased for consumers. Clear plastic labels are your best bet when you really want to keep the focus on your product or the aesthetic of it’s container.

Waterproof Roll labels are necessary for any bath or beverage products that may come into contact with any moisture or humidity.  The special coating and adhesive help to keep the label intact and stuck to the surface of your product.

Vinyl labels or Sticker Printing is the most durable type of label intended for products and packages that will encounter the elements outdoors.  They are also the perfect canvas from a material standpoint as the vinyl material really helps highlight colors or special finishes in printing.  Our vinyl labels are highly versatile since they are coated with a high gloss UV-coating finish that further extends their resistance to fading and outdoor application.  Perhaps our most popular choice for it’s versatility in application.

Roll Vinyl Labels & quality sticker printing

We can print your labels individually or as roll labels depending on your needs.  Contact one of our team members today for help with any of your label printing needs.