Quality Bumper Stickers Printed Locally

The best marketing materials help businesses and brands make an impression that ultimately results in their growth while staying within budget. Bumper stickers are a low cost solution to add to your promotional kit.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers can be printed in high quantities and very low cost in comparison to other marketing tools. Versatility and easily translatable messages are what come to mind when describing Bumper stickers as a marketing tool. A simple bumper sticker can carry your message and branding to a wide range of people. Stickers and labels are adhesive to nearly any surface which is why they are often the most popular among our products. What better way to increase exposure than to have your sticker on the back of a car bumper or as a promotional giveaway at a trade show?  Bumper stickers and labels of all kinds are devices to showcase your brand’s message, logo and design. Brand visibility and word of mouth exposure are great byproducts of stickers and labels used as promotional tools.

At Guru Printers we make it easy to print your bumper stickers, traditional stickers and labels with our state-of-the-art die cutting process that allows you to configure your sticker in nearly any shape.  We offer roll labels, stickers on sheets or individual stickers to give you more flexibility suited to your various applications.

Contact one of our pre-press agents at Guru Printers for more information on our high quality bumper sticker printing.

Bumper Stickers Los Angeles