Bumper stickers can be a great way to boost your business or creative project. They can be sold to show off your artwork and improve profits or even given away to help promote your company. But not all stickers are made the same. Vinyl bumper stickers offer higher quality than paper stickers, making them the preferred choice for many customers. While paper stickers can be effective in some cases, for bumper stickers, you’ll find that vinyl is typically the better option.

Why Choose Vinyl over Paper for Bumper Stickers?

It may not seem like much of a difference, especially if you have a glossy coating on your paper. However, vinyl bumper stickers can offer a better shine to your artwork. And it’s not just the look that a vinyl material affects. Vinyl has improved durability and effectiveness over paper, making it an excellent option for any bumper sticker use.

Improved Appearance

While some glossy or matte stickers do have some shine, they don’t compare to the shine of a vinyl bumper sticker. The glossy, plastic-like appearance of vinyl gives it an extra luster that helps the artwork stand out. This is crucial if you’re going to be using bumper stickers as actual bumper stickers. You can’t afford not to grab attention when passing by in a car, and vinyl can help draw eyes to your sticker.

Waterproofing and Scratch-proofing

Paper stickers do have the advantage of being more markable, but that also means they’re less durable when it comes to water and scratches. Paper stickers can easily be affected by water, and the liquid can make your design run or rub off. So, if it rains while you’re driving, your design could be lost. Paper stickers are also more likely to get scratched or scuffed. And while you won’t purposely be bumping into things with your car, accidents can happen. Vinyl bumper stickers tend to hold up better than paper stickers in these cases.

Easier Application

Paper stickers can be difficult to peel off from their backing. If you aren’t careful, they can rip and bend while trying to apply them. Vinyl bumper stickers, on the other hand, have an easier time coming off their backings. You won’t need to use as much force to get them off, and you can handle them more confidently while applying them. The ease of applying vinyl stickers makes them a great choice for car bumpers.

Why Use Vinyl Bumper Stickers for Your Business?

Bumper stickers can be a fantastic way to boost your promotion and marketing. While they may not seem like the obvious choice for your next marketing campaign, they can be extremely useful if you design them the right way. They can also be a great way to boost your sales and improve profits.

Improving Promotion

Bumper stickers are a unique kind of marketing tactic because they’re usually on the move. When you send out flyers or hang up posters, you’re limited to the reach of that specific location. Vinyl bumper stickers, however, are mobile. When a client or customer puts a bumper sticker on their car, they provide you with free advertising wherever they go. As long as your bumper sticker has your business’s name or some other identifying information on it, every driver or passenger who sees that sticker could become a new customer.

Boosting Sales

Bumper stickers that appeal to your customers on an aesthetic level can also help improve your sales. While purely marketing bumper stickers do best when given away at events, artistic bumper stickers can be a great way to boost your business and profits. If your company or brand has some unique artwork or phrase, you can use that in your design to help sell more inventory and promote your business. Companies with artistic logos, for example, can make vinyl bumper stickers of those logos. Customers will want to buy them for the artwork, thus boosting profits, while viewers will be able to find and identify your company, thus improving your marketing efforts.

How to Get High-Quality Vinyl Bumper Stickers

Choosing to print vinyl bumper stickers for your business or brand is only part of the decision process. You still need to make sure you find the right printing company and have your files print-ready to ensure you get the best bumper stickers possible.

Choosing a Printer

Having the right printer to work with is key to getting your vinyl stickers on time and in good condition. You should look for a printing company located in a centralized, urban location. This helps ensure they have access to a variety of reliable shipping options for your bumper stickers.

You’ll also want to find a printing company that offers a wide range of products. Vinyl bumper stickers are only one option in boosting your company. A printer that also creates business cards, magnets, bookmarks, and other printed goods can make for a quicker and easier order in the future.

Getting Your Files Ready

Improperly formatted files are a leading cause of misprints and delayed shipments. If your file isn’t print-ready, you could end up with discoloration, missing information, and blurry images. Before hitting send, make sure your DPI is set to at least 300, your color scheme is set to CMYK, and your sticker design has a ¼” bleed area.

Get Your Vinyl Bumper Stickers Today

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