Bumper stickers are a great way to express your personal interests and promote your business or brand. With the right bumper sticker design and bumper sticker maker, you can take your company to the next level. When a client or customer puts one of your bumper stickers on their car, they provide you with free marketing wherever they drive. So as long as your bumper sticker has all the right design elements, you can boost your business without too much extra effort on your end.

Bumper Sticker Design Elements

When designing a bumper sticker, there are certain design elements you need to ensure are included. If you’re missing these, your bumper sticker may not work as well for your company as you’d like. With each element properly in place, your bumper sticker can lead future clients or customers to your business.

Having your company’s name or logo on your bumper sticker is critical in getting new business. After all, a cute bumper sticker doesn’t help much if no one knows where it came from or who made it. Having your name or logo on your promotional material is the best way to ensure that anyone who sees it can easily find your company. The name or logo doesn’t have to be too big, and it shouldn’t take up more space than necessary unless your logo is particularly artistic and can stand alone as a bumper sticker. However, it’s important you don’t make the logo or name too small, either. Most people see bumper stickers as they’re driving, and if it’s too small, they may not be able to see them properly or follow them to your website.

Visual Design

Most people won’t put something bland or boring on their cars. If you want others to use your bumper stickers, they need to have an appealing visual design. This means taking into consideration spacing, coloring, and text-to-image ratio.

Spacing – There’s a delicate balance between too much space in a design and not enough space. If you leave too much blank space in your bumper sticker design, it can look underwhelming, and people are less likely to engage. However, if your bumper sticker is too crowded, it can be hard to distinguish each part, and you run the risk of someone not having the time to do that on the road. 

Coloring – Making sure your bumper sticker has the right color combination is important. You want to use the same colors you already have for your other marketing materials to help maintain brand integrity. Having colors that complement each other will help your bumper sticker catch people’s eyes and drive them to your business.

Text-to-Image Ratio – Bumper stickers are a bit different than normal stickers. In a normal sticker design, you often have more images than text, but bumper stickers are usually the opposite. Typically, bumper stickers have a large text area where the font is bigger so drivers and passengers can easily read it. You can still have images, but they shouldn’t be as big or pertinent.

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Photo by Anton Shuvalov on Unsplash

File Formatting for Your Bumper Sticker Maker

Having a great bumper sticker design isn’t the only factor in a great bumper sticker that works for you. Once you’ve found the right bumper sticker maker to help produce your design, you’ll want to make sure your file is properly formatted. If it isn’t, your bumper sticker could print improperly, which won’t help you gain any traction in your marketing goals.

Color Spectrum

Making sure you have the right color scheme for your bumper sticker design is important. Making sure you set the right color spectrum on your file is even more vital. When you see an image on the computer screen, it’s filtered through the RGB (red, green, blue) color spectrum. But printers use four colors of ink (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) to print your bumper stickers. If you send in a file formatted with the RGB spectrum, your bumper sticker could come out discolored and faded.

Bleed and Margin

Printing equipment has advanced greatly in recent years, but there’s always a small margin of error to consider with any piece of technology. That’s why it’s important to include a bleed area to account for this error during the cutting process. If you put important information or design elements up against the edge of your bumper sticker, you could risk losing them when the design is printed. Having a border of basic color or non-important design can help reduce this chance.


Computer screens are excellent for showing images at a small size in high-quality. However, if you try to enlarge those images or print them, they often come out looking blurry or fuzzy. The DPI (dots per image) of your bumper sticker design is critical to keep in mind. Most online images are set to 75 DPI, but a printed design should be no less than 300 DPI. If you don’t change the DPI on your file before submitting it to your bumper sticker maker, you could end up with a distorted design that doesn’t help your business or brand at all.

Bumper Sticker Maker in Downtown Los Angeles

If you want your bumper stickers to work well for you, you need an experienced bumper sticker maker on your side. At Guru Printers, we’ve helped hundreds of companies and businesses get the printed products they need for their promotional goals. With everything from bumper stickers to business cards to vinyl banners, we can help your company find new marketing ventures to help grow your business. You can start placing an order online or give us a call at (213) 371-9412 for help with your order.