Adhesive Vinyl Stickers & Bumper Sticker Printing Services 

At Guru Printers many of our clients request vinyl bumper stickers or vinyl decal printing to showcase their eye-catching designs and brand identity.  Our vinyl material which we print our decals and stickers on is durable and waterproof which is why they are some of the most popular marketing materials.  The adhesive on our vinyl bumper stickers and vinyl decals is well suited for vehicle or window display.  Whether the surface you will be sticking them on is metal, glass or smooth dry wall, vinyl adhesive stickers and decals are versatile in their application.  Here are two tips before you go to print on your vinyl bumper stickers or vinyl decals:

  1. Consider the shape and size of your vinyl sticker or decal. Our die cut process for stickers and decals allow for a variety of shapes and sizes but not every shape or size if a fit for all.  When designing your vinyl sticker or vinyl decal take in mind the contents of the design.  Your logo, tag line or illustration will dictate the shape for die cutting.  The size of your vinyl stickers or decals is directly related to it’s visibility factor.  If you’re printing vinyl bumper stickers, then the standard rectangular or special die cut size of your choosing will work as promotional material.  However, you may want to go bigger with your decal considering that most decals are meant grab attention from afar from pedestrians to moving vehicles.
  1. Keep the message simple. Your company name, a logo, a slogan or a call to action.  Whatever it may be, remember to keep your focus on the central theme of your design and what you want it to communicate.  A vinyl decal or vinyl sticker with too much information or cluttered design elements can really distract from your primary message.

Contact our team at Guru Printers for any questions about your vinyl bumper stickers or vinyl decals.